sponsored by BAYSWAN, ISWFACE, COYOTE, SWOP-USA and Desiree Alliance
Director: Erica Elena; Producers Scarlot Harlot, Erica Elena & Laure McElroy •
Film Curator: Laure McElroy • Performance Curators: Sangria Red & Mariko Passion
P.O. 210256 • San Francisco, CA 94121 • 415-751-1659 • http://www.sexworkerfest.com

Sex Worker Festival Film Curator,
Laure McElroy

Xtascene joined the Festival in 2009 as film curator. Xtascene is an SF Bay Area native; although currently rolling in the city of San Francisco, she misses Oakland and the East Bay desperately and is moving back as soon as she puts her chihuahua through college. Xtascene writes like she is giving birth - painfully, over the course of hours or sometimes days. Xtascene is an afropunk, a cis that doesn't believe in the gender binary, an ally looking for allies. Xtascene constantly burns with equal parts fear and wonder, and her narcissism is exceeded only by her compassion.