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Friday May 25, 2001

12 Noon -Programs to Prisons
Sponsored by California Coalition for Women Prisoners
and Harm Reduction Coalition

If I Had a Home
by Alexandra Wagman & April Daisy White
Radiant Pictures developed this PSA though a series of workshops at a North Hollywood shelter. The video was informed and generated by the real concerns of the children. (1 min.-2001)

We Just Telling Stories
Captivating Souls & Cultural Odyssey
Larry Andrews directed this documentary about The Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women, featuring Rhodessa Jones,co-artistic director of Cultural Odyssey, actress, dancer, singer, writer, and teacher living in San Francisco. This powerful and unique experimental video documents the process by which The Medea Project takes this ensemble of incarcerated women on a healing and revealing journey to a place where they are able tell their stories. (Video-50 min-2001)

What We Leave Behind
Directed by Salome Chasnoff
Produced by Visible Voices & Women's International Information Project
Over the course of 15 months, 42 women just released from prlson-most of them recovering from drug addiction and fighting to get their children back, none with any mediaproduction experience-produced this rare 20-mlnute video examining their incarceration and Its Impact on their children. 'What We Leave Behind' challenges stereotypes about women in prison and demonstrates the power of disenfranchised groups to shape their own media images. Through moving personal testimonials, original poetry, lively group discussions of the issues, spontaneous street-corner encounters with teen girls and children of prisoners, the women skillfully weave their voices with the voices of those with whom they come Into contact. Their objective is to show what prison is really like for women. (Video-21 min.-2000)

Duran Ruiz In Person!
Produced by Alexandra Juhasz. Segments by Enid Baxter Blader, Scarlot Harlot, Tamika Miller, Duran Ruiz, Joseph Saito, IrwinSwirnoff and Sylvian White.
RELEASED speaks to the capacity of documentary for facilitating social activism and change. This compilation includes an interview with statements by former inmate Angela Davis, and a range of short segments including Scarlot Harlot and Duran Ruiz's deconstruction of 20/20's Primetime representation of Ruiz's life as inmate, prostitute and junkie and a portrait of filmmaker,
"A Gram O' Pussy." (Video-27 min-2001)

2PM Friday, May 25

Man From Venus
James Diamond
Smart, funny and sad, this 4 minute experimental work shot in 8 mm film explores a young mans impressions and questions.Made in conjunction with youth outreach Access to Media Education Society (AMES)-Urban Outreach Program in Vancouver (8mm-4 min.-1999)

The Lost History of Transsexuals in San Francisco's Tenderloin
by Victor Silverman & Susan Stryker
A video trailer of Susan Stryker's discovery of a rebellion of transsexuals during the Pre-Stonewall days in San Francisco's Red Light District. Video features local ex-prostitute, madam and current health outreach worker, Tamara Ching. (Video trailer -6 minutes-1999)

Being Fucked Up
Emily Vey Duke &
Cooper Battersby
Emily Vey Duke has been exhibting for seven years internationally. This experimental work is about ego, happiness and holding on. It combines animation, performance and monologue to create a piece that is disorientingly funny. (Video-10 min.-2001)

A Study in The Life of Transsexuals w/ Kitty Castro
Dina L. Boyer
Dina and Kitty explore sex work and transgender stigma in a down-to-earth, thought provoking video. (Video-4 min.-2000)

Produced by Gorilla Theater
Shot & edited by Megan Kelley
Gorilla Theater is an open group of people 18-22 years old who know the streets. We do workshops for people who need to know about life on thestreets, and performances about staying safe and surviving sex, drugs, violence, and prejudice. We're self-directed, with help from facilitators at Outside In, a social and medical service agency (with a needle exchange)in Portland, OR. "Skintrade" is our first film. (Video-12 min. -2000)

4PM- Sex Worker Rights Around the World
Sponsored by Sex Workers Organized for Labor, Human and Civil Rights

Sex Worker Rights Around the World
Sponsored by Sex Workers
Organized for
Labor, Human and Civil Rights
partial proceeds go to
Daisy Anarchy's Legal Fund

The Story of The Taipei
Licensed Prostitutes
Formosa Television
COSWAS (Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters)
When then Mayor, now President Chen abolishes legal prostitution in Taipei, the prostitutes organize and stage fierce protests with the help of the women's rights advocates (COSWAS) in ICLE, a labor union as well as the intellectual elite of Taiwan's academia. This video documents the struggle as well as the changes in the lives of the prostitutes. The TV crew follows one woman as she opens her beetle nut stand. (Video-27 min.-2000)

Amores De Rua (Street Lovers)
Eunice Gutman
Portraits of sex workers and discussion of personal issues and working conditions from Rede Nacional Des Prostitutas in Brazil. (28 min-. 1993)

It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You
Alexandra Holt, John Moore, Sharon Connolly
Strips away the myths surrounding the sex industry-an ordinary night in a suburban brothel-two prostitutes, who work in one of Melbourne's licensed brothels talk about the services they provide and how they change their identities and personalities to make a living as sex workers. (Video-26 min-1996)

Free Whores
Scarlot Harlot
Scrolling through the 1985 World Charter For Prostitutes' Rights, Canadian artist Tracy Teif with Mourning Sickness sings 'Sex Trade Worker.' "I'll suck your Yuppie cock for fifty bucks!" Tracy croons. (Video-6 min.-1992)

6PM Men: Get Paid For Sex with Women!

Hell's Angel
Directed by Yaron Ben Nun
In Hell's Angel, Israeli Director Yaron Ben Nun guides us through the life and mind of gigolo Shai Shabar, from Amsterdam soirees with Xaviara Hollander to intimate conversations with his daughter. Shabar defends his life-style as a prostitute and succeeds in shattering the viewers prejudices. (Video-50 min.-1996)

PORN 101
Sharon Mitchell
with Richard Pacheco
& Hershel Savage
Porn 101 is part of a series produced by AIM Healthcare, a service agency in Los Angeles which provides HIV testing, STD education and a range of services to actors in the adult movie industry. Also featuring Nina Hartley and Sharon Mitchell, Hershel and Richard, well-spoken and intriguing male porn stars, discuss the ins and outs of the porn business from how to get into the business, to how to keep it up! This frank talk will answer your questions and may even inspire you to become a porn star or a gigolo. (Video-50 min.-2000)

8 PM Sex Worker Sinema Awards Ceremony
with Annie Sprinkle & Scarlot Harlot & dr. Carol Queen
XXX Clips! Sponsored by Good Vibrations
Special guest, Cora trom the
'New-Ancient Sex Academy"
The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Video Festival and Good Vibrations are co-sponsoring the Sex Worker Sinema Awards to recognize those who have contributed to new directions in sexual expression and representation, developing genres including sex from
women's perspective, queer and tranny art porn, home video porn and more. We would also like to recognize those who have contributed to all genres in sex worker
sinema from documentary to experimental
to narrative, using imagination and courage
as they portray sex workers, or deliver
work that is informed by their own
experiences on the sexual frontiers.

10PM Whores and Angels

Angel's LADIES
Doug Lindeman
According to Mack Moore and Angel, former funeral entrepreneurs, now owners of a Nevada brothel, "There are a lot of similarities between running a funeral home and running a brothel. You have customers in each, you have employees in each. Most importantly, we can continue to do what we love best: Service human needs."
The girls who work there see Mack and Angel's "heaven on earth" a little bit differently. "Undertaking and prostitution?" muse hookers Unda and Kev, ""They're still in the meat business. One is cold, one is hot." (Video-72 min.-2000)

Whore's Diary:
Pornography made by me & my client
BuBu de la Madeleine
Editing support by Ziku NAKAMURA
concertina performed by Ayano YAMAMOTO; Translation by Yoshiko SHIMADA
" M is my client." explains Bubu in this poetic veritae short documenting her relationship with a client in Japan. "Today, I decided to make a pornographic video with him. If you just wait doing nothing, still winter will turn to spring. But I can't just sit and wait. I start to walk forward." (Video-21 min.-2000)

12 Midnight from Portland's Danzine & Sex by Sex Workers Festival
with Live Performances
Also Erochica from Japan!!

iFeliz Navidad Muthafucka
Co-Producer, writer Teresa Dulce
Director, Co-Producer Roman Gunther
In the spirit of self-ploytation this video may remind you of those bad movies that got good with beer and popcorn. (Video-7 min.-2001)

iFeliz Navidad Muthafucka
Co-Producer, writer Teresa Dulce
Director, Co-Producer Roman Gunther
In the spirit of self-ploytation this video may remind you of those bad movies that got good with beer and popcorn. (Video-7 min.-2001)

Not Even Ashamed
Queen Ruth E.
Queen Ruth E. is a dancer writer, musician. Here she has assembled 15 interwoven portraits of exotic dancers in Portland. Details about strippers' attitudes, dreams, work and private lives featuring Michelle, Tristen, Mara, Ares, Teresa, Kennedy, Tina, Cabaret, Vanity, Traci, Rain, Brandy, Kitty, Quincy, Raven and Orchid. Portland Music Soundtrack: Betty Already, Diegrinder, Village Idiot, Headscope, Satan's Pilgrims and The Licks. (Video-45 min.-2000)

fromBare-Bottom Spanking and Salvation
Director Ernest Truely
The story of this man's ministry in the early 90's in Portland. (Video-2000)

Saturday May 26, 2001

12 Noon Burlesque Fantasy

Burlesque Fantasy

in person!
Written & Produced by John Woodward & Tammy Stones
Directed by John Woodward
Starring Tammy Stones
"All's fair in love and film financing in BAD GIRL."
Terri needs money and she'll do ANYTHING to get it! An actress turned exotic dancer, Terri uses her seductive powers in a daring scheme to fund her movie. Tantalizing the wealthy patrons of a flash-dance club, Terri evokes passion with every scandalous curve of her supple body. But when Terri and her friends hustle a mobster and steal his briefcase, they discover the cash has been replaced by a pair of snakes. Together these desperate vixens embark on a dangerous and hilarious adventure into a world of kidnapping, extortion and hair restoration. (35mm-86 min.-1998)

Miss Erochica's Burlesque Photo Diary
by Erochica
This photojournal captures Miss Erochica's yearning for the nostalgic, romantic world of burlesque. This video was recenty screened in Taiwan during the exhibition in honor of the licensed prostitutes. Erochica is an illustrator, dancer and sex worker rights activist. She will be attending the festival and performing at the closing party on Sunday night! (Video-7 min-2000)

2:00 PM Sex Worker Skivvies
Sex Worker Skivvies
Big Girls" Big beautiful Women in The Adult Entertainment Industry
Sara McCool
Profiling fat women in sex work and porn, Big Girls includes interviews with performers Scarlot Harlot, Candye Kane, Mendi Teats (publisher of BIG BUTT Magazine), & Nye Willden (editor PLUMPERS & BIG WOMEN magazine). Big Girls displays big sexy women and questions the aesthetics in the US that only thin is beautiful. Sara McCool is founder of the International fat girl militia. (Video-25 min.-2000)

The Biters (Japan)
A take-off on home shopping, cooking shows and contemporary sexual style with performance artists/sex worker rights activists in Japan. (Video-30 min.-2001)

The Blind Date
Michel Levesque
Tina, a call-girl, dances around her new client's sexual secrets and taboos. (Video-15 min.- 2001)

The Hunt
AngieLynn Holm
This is found footage video montage of wild hyenas hunting and killing bison; old pornographic footage; a birth video; footage from ritual animal sacrifice and videos of meat.As we all know but easily forget, passion and sexual drive is as intimately connected with pleasure and life as it is with survival, instinct and death. (Video-3 min-2001).

Katherine Bergeron
And you thought you had roommate problems? Alex is just trying to make a living as a dom, but her roommate calls her a slut, interrupts sessions and leaves hair on the soap! Who comes out on top? (Video-7 min.- 2000)

Annie Sprinkle
& Dr. Jeff Fletcher,
Two sexology students at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in SF, discovered thousands of old 8-mm sex films in the school basement. These are from some of the films, popularly called "loops", belonging to the Exodus Trust Archives of Erotology, likely the largest collection of it's kind in the world.(17 min.- 2001)

vive la differAnce
Hard core pleasure for lesbians-A boy with her dick and a mistress with her camera.... serves as the backdrop for a feminist filmmaker's explorations into radical queer sexual theory. Vive la differAnce is a psychological experiment ­ not only inquiring into gender power politics of erotic looking but also trying to find alternative sexual politics. (7 min.-2001)


4:00 PM Political Gender

Rebecca M. Alvin, Belly Girl Films, Inc.
This exploration of feminist activism within the sex industry touches on many different areas of the conflict between mainstream feminism and the new breed of sex-positive, free speech oriented feminists. Through interviews with seven women, most of whom are or were working in various areas of the adult entertainment industry, director, Rebecca M. Alvin shows us that it is possible to have a sex-related job and still be a feminist. Interviewees include porn super-star, Nina Hartley; female erotic film producer and entrepreneur, Candida Royalle; and Siobahn Brooks, shop steward for the strippers' union in San Francisco. (Video-68 min. 2001)

Screening sponsored by
San Francisco National Organization for Women
Looking For Compton's
The Lost History of Transsexuals
in SanFrancisco's Tenderloin


5:30 PM Mandragora Wictor Grodecki

(Czech Republic)
San Francisco premiere of the work by this eminent Czech director- Grodecki's third entry in his trilogy of films examining the exploitation of young rural Czech boys migrating to Prague in the hopes of a better life.This is his first fully fictional trip through the world of young male prostitutes. His take on the industry is simultaneously disgusted with the tragedies and misery but fascinated by the extreme sexual overtones and fantasies. He is so abhorred by it, that he can't stop thinking about it. Dark, disturbing - but in regards to the business - it features real whores, real scenes, and some intriguing insights. Screened in video. (35mm-133 minutes-1997)

8PM Vice and Red Noses

John Woodward, TAZ Films
Producer Tammy Stones
VICE tells one story that you never see on TV - the true story of the prosecution and persecution of one woman by a Texas vice squad. This courtroom dramedy points to the comical absurdities involved with prosecuting a stripper (played by the beautiful Maxine Bahns from "The Brothers McMullen") for indecent exposure. The actual trial transcript is the primary source for this scathingly funny indictment of police corruption. VICE ridicules the idiocy of governmental thugs and this on-going witch-hunt by an insane bureaucracy.
When Woodward attended the trial upon which VICE is based, several vice officers were waiting to testify in the court hallway. One noticed Woodward's tape recorder in his satchel. The officers assumed he had recorded them (the judge had ordered no discussion between witnesses) and challenged Woodward to settle the matter in the alley behind the Courthouse. Outnumbered six to one, Woodward figured it was wiser to fight this battle on film. (35mm-89 minutes-2001)

Red Nose Diaries
Director Joseph Siedel
Producer Sandra Moore
DP Gus Kyriakakis
"Peter has a problem."
The Red Nose Diaries follows Peter, a man trapped in a drab world and unsatisfying relationship. Peter accidentally discovers a way to spice up his love life that inadvertently becomes a crippling obsession in this twisted comic excursion. (16 mm-11 min. 2001)

10PM Nightfall

Erika Shershun
Shershun, a San Francisco maker, directed & produced this provocative film as a response to one of the most common portrayals of women in film, a role that every actress is inevitably offered during her career: the Whore.
"Despite the popularity of the prostitute since the beginning of narrative, there are few instances of works depicting her as a realistic, multidimensional human being, " Shershun writes. "Why is this occupation used to brand and solely define a woman's identity? Sadly, society's judgements reverberate throughout these women's lives. The most disturbing fictitious cliche is harsh judgement, resulting in violent punishment of the prostitute or a loved one, and, if the character survives, society's sanctioned redemption. As is often the case, Alicia's persecutor is not drug addiction, a pimp or a john; it is patriarchal society's hypocrisy that victimizes her. The film is populated with characters living on the margins of society, struggling to survive, teetering on the brink of oblivion." (16mm- 98 min-2001)
The Red Nose Diaries follows Peter, a man trapped in a drab world and unsatisfying relationship. Peter accidentally discovers a way to spice up his love life that inadvertently becomes a crippling obsession in this twisted comic excursion. (16 mm-11 min. 2001)

12 Midnight

Porn ART !
Sex Flesh in Blood
Christopher Lee & J Zapata
Starring Transman Angel and Jade-Blue Eclipse
Hardcore, TRIPLE XXX, gothic-punk tranny porn, blood included. A San Francisco festival favorite-sold out at last year's festivals. Don't miss it! (Video-56 min.-1999)

Mirha-Soleil Ross in Person!

Dysfunctional & other Videos
by Mirha-Soleil Ross
An IN YOUR FACE response to society's fascination and repulsion for transsexuals's genitalia, bodies and sexuality. (10 min. 1997)
Mihra-Soleil Ross will appear in person.
Mihra-Soleila transsexual political educator, videomaker, performer. curator, community/cultural activist and full blast! prostitute originally from Quebec but now living and working in Toronto, Canada. She uses video and performance art as activism to tackle issues such as transsexual sexuality and self-representation. She's been involved in the transsexual & prostitute's community since the early 90's. She used to edit and co-publish a political transsexual magazine called Gendertrash from 93-95. She worked as an AIDS Educator reaching out to transsexual prostitutes for the prostitutes' Safe Sex project and Resource Center of Toronto.
(She will also be performing Sunday night at Jezebel's Joint!)

Sunday May 27, 2001

2 PM Panel "Sex Worker Representation" at New College 777 Valencia (at 19th Street)

Panels about various aspects of the representation of sex workers in cinema and in the media in general, addressing self-representation, sex workers as artists and more. Panelists include filmmakers from our festival and as well as guest speakers. Donations-sliding scale.

8 PM Party/Performances at
Jezebel's Joint 510 Larkin (at Turk)

8 PM Door-9 PM Show

Miss Erochica's
Sex Worker
Performance Art Show
$10-$25 $8.00 w/fest
510 Larkin at Turk

Erochica, burlesque artist, filmmaker and illustrator from Japan will appear along with Mirha-Soleil Ross, transsexual, filmmaker, performer, sex worker and curator from Toronto; April Daisy White (voted Best Actress in the LA Weekly 1999), the call girl actress who worked for (and was busted with) the "Baby Doll Madam" last year (as seen at your supermarket check out stand) plus Dee Dee Russell, Scarlot Harlot and more.


Ticket Prices: $50 All Events Passes; $25 Day Passes; Buy Passes at Good Vibrations or online.


Sorry, single show tickets available only at the door.

Call for info: 415-820-1645 or (live) 415-751-1659