The 3rd San Francisco
Sex Worker Film and Video Festival

May 23- 26th, 2003

Schedule of films only, not events. Check back for final info on May 19th.

12 -4 PM Friday May 23rd
Prostitution Issues for Service Providers:  An Educational Forum
Sponsored by Harm Reduction Coalition and Center for Young Women's Development
An afternoon of films and discussion addressing issues for those living on the fringes of the underground economies.
We will address two themes the experience of youth in sex trade and/or drug culture and the other on violence against prostitutes (both locally and in other locales). Both themes intertwine and our panelists will cover a range of subjects relating to these themes. This show will specifically address issues of class, age and racial discrimination and stereotyping. Our panelists will discuss these aspects of the videos: How do these videos reinforce, illuminate, and dispel stereotypes. We are inviting a range of individuals who have a great deal of experience with these issues, from a first person perspective or as experts in these fields.
Panelists include filmmakers as well as Leslie Bull, Jaysin, Duran Ruiz, Amy Donovan, Emily Stern AKA Spider and others TBA.

Deconstructing Crack Ho (a memoir)
Ariel Lightningchild (Director/Writer/Producer) In person!
Thurza Cuthand (co-editor/camera)
One woman tells it like it is examining her experience as a survivalist sex worker and sexually exploited youth. (Canada, 7min.-2001)

Street Survival Project
Carol Leigh In person!
This "calling card" explains the principles of services and community based advocacy by young women and for young women, from the Center for Young Women's Development. (6 min.-1995)

Hiding Out
Thomas Mournian In person! & John Keitel
San Francisco's underground railroad of Safe Houses keep kids off the street and out of the abusive psychiatric hospitals many have escaped from (as reported by Thomas Mournian in the Bay Guardian April 1998).  (6 min.-2000)

I was a Teenage Prostitute
Juliana Piccillo
One woman's story of coming of age in sex trade through an afterschool job in a massage parlor in an archetypical American suburb. The documentary combines interview and archival imagery to tell a story of empowerment.  (18 min.-2002)

aka Kathe
Minda Martin
The saga of Mexican-American family from Tucson confronting a violent loss, caught in the cycle of violence towards women. This disturbing video focuses on the story of one sister  who was murdered. (55 min.-2000)

"NHI - No Humans Involved"
Deborah Small, Elizabeth Sisco, Carla Kirkwood, Scott Kessler and Louis Hock
"NHI - No Humans Involved" was a public art project, which took place in San Diego in 1992. These artists produced this work to address the unsolved, and in many cases uninvestigated, sexual assaults and murders of forty-five San Diego women between 1985-1992. The project takes its name from a term used by police for what they described as "...'misdemeanor murders' of biker women and hookers."(excerpts 10 min-1992-95)

4 PM Friday, May 23rd

Sacred Intimates, Sexual Healers, Sacred Prostitutes
Male sex workers on an erotic spiritual path
Presented by the New School of Erotic Touch
Featuring “Making Love for The Whole World To See”
Directed by Joseph Kramer In person!

This selection of videos presented by Dr. Kramer of the New School of Erotic Touch documents a movement that has it’s roots in the Gay community of the Bay Area. Founded by former Jesuit, Joseph Kramer, men in San Francisco initiated this practice in response to the AIDS crisis as “Midwives to the Dying,” developing a sexual healing discipline, and practicing a form of sex work that is now practiced internationally.
The show will include a  screening of “Making Love for The Whole World to See” from the Gay Sex Wisdom Series, which consists of interviews with sexual healers including Matthew Simmons and Keith Hennessy among others. Selections from other works explicitly portray sexual healing and erotic massage. Guest speakers include Sacred Intimates, men working in these disciplines. (42 min.-2003 revision)

6 PM Friday, May 23rd
Sponsored by Sex Workers Organized for Labor, Human and Civil Rights
Streetwise COYOTE TV Show featuring Carol Queen and Daisy Anarchy -In person!
Excerpts from this episode focus on sex work issues in the context of other issues of human and labor rights. excerpts (15 min.-1998)

on being a junkie ho in sex worker world
Penny Arcade, Leslie Bull, Ariel Lightningchild, Steve Zehentner
Through interviews and documentation of performance, this video addresses and complicates issues of class, race and marginalization in sex movements.  (15 min.- 2003)

Easy Come, Easy Go
Richard Blake (Director)
Melissa Blake (Writer/Performer)
This short personal work by a former worker at Show World "strips" the corporate-coating from Gulliani's repression of New York City sex industry. (5 min. 2003)

Adventures in the Sin Trade
Explores power and sexuality through the lives of sex workers including issues of class, race, and the personal experiences of local sex workers Siobahn Brooks, Veronica Monet among others. (29 min.-2003)

Licensed Prostitutes: Apocalypse
Sylvia H. Feng (Executive Producer)
Tsung Lung Tsai (Producer/Director)
Produced in collaboration with COSWAS (Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters) in Taiwan, this video examines the struggle for prostitutes’ rights through the journeys of several sex workers whose lives were disrupted by the sudden criminalization of the legal prostitution business. (Taiwan, 50 min.-2001)

8 PM Friday, May 23rd
Henrique Goldman
Ellis Freeman, Henrique Goldman, Fernanda Farias de Albuquerque, Maurizio Jannelli (Writers)
The journey of teenage transsexual Fernanda as she heads from her native Brazil to Italy's transsexual prostitution scene. Fernanda's most cherished desire is to have a sex-change operation, fall in love with a man, and live the "normal" life of an Italian woman. When a new client, Gianni (Cesare Bocci), approaches her one night, it seems that her dreams will come true. Starring Ingrid de Souza, Cesare Bocci, Lulu Pecorari, Mauro Pirovano and Biba Lerhue. (Italy/Germany/UK, 93 min - 2001)

Brad Brough (Producer/Director)
Marco Porsia (Camera/Editor)
Since the early 1980's, Italy has become the destination of choice for transgendered prostitutes from around the world. Thousands travel from South American countries like Columbia, Venezuela and Brazil to work the lucrative streets of major Italian cities as prostitutes. This documentary from CHUM Television's SexTV tells a story which contrasts with most contemporary portraits of migrant sex workers. (Canada, 23 min.-2000)

10 PM Friday, May 23rd

Global Sex Work
Ariel Lightningchild (Director/Producer/Writer) In person!
James Diamond (Lighting/Camera/Sound)
An exploration of issues often marginalized amongst the celebration amongst the celebration of some of the sex workers movement, such as race, class, mental illness. (Canada, 11 min.-2002)

Sex Work and Health in a Changing Europe
Carol Leigh
Produced by EUROPAP
This short excerpt is from a DVD documenting a sex worker health and rights conference in the UK. (United Kingdom/USA, 10 min.-2003)

Tadej Pogacar, P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E Museum
Comitato per i Diritti Civili delle Prostitute
This video montage juxtaposes assorted found footage with an analysis of prostitution by Carla Corso, long time Italian sex worker activist. The video is part of a larger project, screened as an installation. "CODE:RED (1999-2004) is an on going project which investigates and discusses the aspects of prostitution and sexual work as a specific form of parallel economy. It researches analogue economic models: those of isolated groups and social minorities. The project uses real and virtual spaces and takes the form of an open dialogue between artists, sex workers and the public in selected urban environments and local contexts." htttp:// (Slovenia, 8 min.-1999/2002)

A Day in the Life of a Sex Worker -U.S. Premiere!
Sex Workers' Forum of Kerala
This video was made as part of an international sex worker art project in which sex workers were given equipment and support to make videos about their lives and concerns.  This short video is a straightforward, gentle portrait of an ordinary day in the life of one woman. Sex Workers' Forum of Kerala. (India, 7 min, 2002)

Negotiating Sex Workers' Rights: Calcutta 1997--World Premiere! In person!
C.J. Roessler
A video montage based on footage acquired by Roessler at the Calcutta Sex Worker's Conference in November 1997. The text of this video is based on the Sex Worker's Manifesto, a document composed by the DMSC (Durbar Mahila Samanya Committee or the Durbar Women's Collaborative Committee). DMSC demands decriminalization of adult sex work and the right to form a trade union. (10 min.-2003)

Tales of the Night Fairies -U.S. Premiere!
Shohini Ghosh
Sabeena Gadihoke (Camera) Shohini Ghosh & Shikha Sen (Editing)
Five sexworkers - four women and one man - along with the filmmaker/narrator embark on a journey of storytelling. Tales of the Night Fairies explores the power of collective organizing and resistance while reflecting upon contemporary debates around sexwork.  The simultaneously expansive and labyrinthine city of Calcutta forms the backdrop for the personal and musical journeys of storytelling. (India, 74 min.-2003).

12 Midnight, Friday, May 23rd

Good Vibrations presents Midnight Sexsational Show
 featuring an electrifying selection of new and vintage porn hosted by Carol Queen.
Clips include the best, juiciest excerpts curated by Dr. Queen.
See our local porn stars in Sex Positive Productions' Voluptuous Vixens and clips from Libido's Urban Friction and many more. At Good Vibrations, "we believe that sexual pleasure is everyone's birthright" so join us in this late night pursuit of pleasure!"

12 Noon, Saturday, May 24th

Sex Art Show

Matzo Maidels
Jenni Olson, Julie Dorf & Monica Nolan (Directors)
Brooklyn Bloomberg and friends do some steamy kibbutzing in this fascinating piece of Yiddish-keit, circa 1923.  Rare 16mm archival porn footage is overlaid with a hilarious Jewish porno voiceover — sprinkled with colloquial Yiddishisms.  Written and performed by San Francisco artist Dori Midnight (aka Brooklyn Bloomberg), Matzo Maidels is a wildly entertaining short that’s sure to amuse audiences of all persuasions.
 "Oy vey! I laughed 'til I peed!" --Annie Sprinkle, nice Jewish slut  (5min.-2003)

Girl and Her Wild Ass
Rosy Boyer
Video technology competes with nostalgia in this soft core porn that refuses to claim a genre. (3:40 min.-2002)

Orange Blossom
Everett Orbit  In person with Indigo Blue!
Animation, a moist analog treat for your digital burlesque appetite. Featuring Indigo Blue from Burly Q Queer cabaret. (3 min.-2003

A. Takeuchi and R. Schmidt  4:15 min 2001
Interesting Productions
starring Alexis Smart
Music by Norm Arnold and His Mondo Combo with Miss Carolyn Edwards
Cleaning can be very erotic if you happen to be a gorgeous blonde. Reminiscent of TV commercials for cleansers, but much more fun.

Chronicles of an Asthmatic Stripper
By Sarah Lapp and Mark Dresser
A collaboration between filmmaker Sarah Jane Lapp and contrabassist Mark
Dresser, this film chronicles the day in the life of an asthmatic stripper whose
every inhalation is both inhalation and occupation. The film, composed of 1500 ink, wax and gouache drawings, initially toured internationally with the Mark DresserTrio with a live performance of the original score by Dresser. Venues have included the Institute for Contemporary Art/Boston, New Langton Center for Art/San Francisco, Webster Film Series/St. Louis, Tonic/New York and festivals. (4 min-2002)

Ethel James
Pam Dore’
Starring Liz Young, a quirky young grrl enjoys the life of pure bliss until tragedy strikes and the musical called life plays on. (4 min-2003)

Mash Potatos and Gravey Meditation
Maxine Doogan
This short tour-de-farce probably won't make you hungry, but it might make you horny...well, a few of you...(4 min.- 2003)

Danny White (Director)
Jeff Redd (Producer
Gennifer M. Hirano, asianprincess (Co-director/Co-producer/writer) In person!
A post-modern pseudo porno infomercial that sucks our expectations and
desires in with a quick and easy breath and spits it back out at us with
self indulgent laughter.  Power is always subjective, especially in the
fantasyland of the asianprincess.(5:20 min.-2003)

Hima B. In person!
An experimental flick about an arthopod who's an
unsuspecting participant in her mate's metamorphosis,
starring Poinciana Williams & Rochelle Borquez. (10 min.-2003)

Brain Plus World
James Diamond (Writer/Director/Producer)
Ariel Lightningchild (Co-producer)
Sacha Fink (Co-producer)
This experimental music video is about sexual disorientation. (5 min.-2001)

Hans Object of Desire
Margie Schnibbe In person!
Shot in Super-8 film, a dog, a dildo, a punk rock song. Hans attempts to negotiate subject object relativity. Music by Paul Kostabi/Youth Gone Mad.  Schibbe is a former sex worker. "Bored with nightclubs and beating up men for a living," she fled to LA where she just completed her first commercial feature, PORNSTAR PETS. (2:15 min.-1995)

A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen
Pam Dore' and Sprinkle Magic
A horney housewife' enjoys a cake-baking frenzy while her husband is at work. (5:42 min-1999)

Ecstasy in Entropy
Nick Zedd
Transgressive mini-epic concerning a Marxist revolution led by cunning and corpulent lapdancers. An agit-prop edutainment ho down featuring a bevy of warrior lapdancers struggling to overthrow corporate state capitalism and rancid criminal globalisation through amateur wrestling, gun juggling and anarchist debate. Influenced by "cheesy, low-budget, Z-grade sci-fi"  Nick Zedd's 'Cinema of Transgression' is exhilarating in this montage of lust and cash. Starring Annie Sprinkle, Brenda Bergman, Taylor Mead, Bob, Jaiko Suzuki, Nick Bohn & others. (17 min-1999)

Let the Punishment Fit The Child
Maria Beatty and Margie Schnibbe (Directors)
Maria Beatty (Producer)
Two women are bonded by strange rituals. They might be mothers and daughter or two lovers playing games of domination submission and cruel tenderness. Takes us on a surreal journey, shot in 16 mm film, starring Maria Beatty and Margie Schnibbe. (18 min.-1997)

Alison Murray
"Can women subvert violent sexual imagery which is often used in a
flippant or gratuitous way, in order to expose the real pain of sexual
violence? So asks Alison Murray, director of a bold new video assaulting
issues of pornography and sexual stereotypes. From kisses to knives to the gory invocation of abuse, the ultimate resilience of the women struggles through. (Australia, 20 min.-1992)

Zom Chi
Chelsea Bonacello (filmmaker/performance artist/visionary/healer) In person!
Eisenstein meets Bunuel at Craters of the Moon.16mm black and white, live action/animation...sci-fi  mid-life lesbian erotica/manifesto... from the dark side...opens Jan 1, 2012, the year mystics predict dramatic change, the end of the last 5000 year cycle and birth of the next...Special thanks to Alex Souldancer, Penny Rand, Scarlot Harlot, and Jane Kaufman. Richard and Laurel Pflaum...Christine Panushka and Dr William Moritz...and Jan Svenkmajor...(29 min.-2001)

2 PM Saturday, May 23rd

XXX Animation for Grown-Ups w/ Live Music by the Sprocket Ensemble

The first part of that show will be an hour of animated 35mm  with live music provided by the Sprocket Ensemble.  Academy award winner (1983, Sundae in NY) Jimmy Picker is flying in from greater Flatbush to screen The Age of Ignorance  (22 min., 35mm widescreen).

4 PM, Saturday, May 24th
Smut Fest
Jennifer Blowdryer (Director/Producer)-In Person!
Patti Kaplan (Segment Producer)
Sexy, sensational and smarter than you, Jennifer Blowdryer's Smut Fest is anarchy Burlesque, a mindful indulgence from 20 erotic performers. "Get inside Annie Sprinkle as she takes you on a tour of her cervix. Experience the erotic horror of Kembra Pfahler and the seductive elegance of Bill Madley. Edited at Bat Cave and Artist's Television Access. (60 min.-2000)

Miss Erochica's Burlesque Diary
This photojournal captures Miss Erochica's  yearning for the nostalgic, romantic world of burlesque. This video was recently screened in Taiwan during the exhibition in honor of the licensed prostitutes. Erochica is an illustrator, dancer and sex worker rights activist. She will be attending the festival and performing at the closing party on Sunday night! (Japan, 7 min-2000- revision 2003)

48 Positions for Making Love
BuBu de la Madeleine
Performance artist and sex worker activist, Bubu teaches ecstatic contortions.  (11 min .- 2003)

6 PM, Saturday May 24th
 Rub and Tug
Soo Lyu (Director/Writer)
Edward Stanulis (Producer/Writer)
Directorial debut of Soo Lyu, who moved to Canada from South Korea 10 years ago. Soo Lyu spent close to a year researching masseuses and their stories in preparation for this unique treatment of the sex industry. This comedic drama inherits both informative and entertaining qualities of this little known subculture. The filmmakers portray a comedic look at the real issues and activities that take place at a full body massage parlor in Canada. Issues of immigration, force, and abuse are addressed in unique ways, moving beyond stereotypes. Starring Lindy Booth, Tara Spencer-Nairn  and Kira Clavell and Don McKellar. Screened at Toronto International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Women's Film Festival in Seoul (Korea) and many more. (Canada, 35 mm, 90 min.-2002)

A Different Kind of Hustle
Lela May Klein (Director)
Beth O'Brien (Cinematographer)
This short film was shot on a 16 mm Bolex, explores the life of Sarah, young mother from rural New York, as she negotiates the often-bumpy terrain of her life as a Cornell student and an exotic dancer.  This non-sync documentary is the first film by director Lela Klein who supported herself as a phone sex-operator, and made the film as a way to explore her own dual identity as a sex worker and college student. Lela is also a union organizer with United Auto Workers Local 2300, now writing her thesis on sex workers in Hollywood film in the 80's and 90's. (12 min.-2002)

8-10:30 PM Saturday, May 24th

Sex Worker Sinema Awards
The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Video Festival and Good Vibrations are co-sponsoring the Sex Worker Sinema Awards to recognize those who have contributed to new directions in sexual expression and representation, developing genres including sex from women’s perspective, queer and tranny art porn, home video porn and more. We would also like to recognize those who have contributed to all genres in sex worker  sinema from documentary to experimental to narrative, using imagination and courage as they portray sex workers, or deliver work that is informed by their own experiences on the sexual frontiers. Awards will also be given to attending activist/artists who have contributed to the development of sex workers' rights and expression including Margo St. James, Mirha-Soleil Ross, Norma Jean Almodovar, and many more.  Burlesque artist, Erochica and Rosinha (and her Sexy Saxophone!), our international guests will entertain along with hosts Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen and Scarlot Harlot.

10:30 Pm Saturday, May 24th
Yapping Out Loud: Contagious Thoughts of an Unrepentant Whore (74 min)
Mirha-Soleil Ross (Writer/performer)
Nicole Stamp (Associate Director); Reena Katz (Live Score) Mark Karbusicky (Video Environment)
Yapping Out Loud synthesizes and summarizes a decade of transsexual and sex worker political and aesthetic development, reflection, and knowledge in a form that is simultaneously both performance art and activist pedagogy. In Yapping Out Loud, Ross delivers a series of blows in monologue form at anti-prostitution discourses and campaigns, detailing the way they impact, often tragically, on prostitutes‚ working conditions and lives.
She notes: When we examine the conceptions that the government, law enforcement agencies, social workers, feminists, residents‚ groups, and serial killers have of prostitution, we get a message that is frighteningly cohesive: prostitutes are to be silenced, controlled, confined or else eliminated.

Saturday, May 24th
Midnight Vulva Festival
Hot and Bothered
Becky Goldberg
Hot and Bothered: feminist pornography takes a rare and empowering look into the pornography industry and feminist community to see how they intertwine within the politics and poetics of female sexuality. This is surely the hottest treatise on feminist porn (a popular new genre). It shows women who own their sexuality and courageously employ explicit cinema to inspire lust! These women are committed to making and supporting pornography that includes their feminist values and will go up against an entire industry, stereotypes, and sexism to get what they want. Who better to claim the adult industry for themselves than the women it depends on?
Starring Greta Christina (, Jane Hamilton, Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour (Sir Video) Jen, Paige and Jeff (Fabula Magazine) Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell and Tristan (40 min.-2002)

Best of Vulva Massage
Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.,
The New School of Erotic Touch
The Best of Vulva Massage is a DVD/video anthology of erotic touch from sex educators, Tantra teachers, ecstatics, orgasm coaches, erotic bodyworkers, and sacred intimates. I have selected eight of the most astonishing vulva massage video segments ever filmed.  Now, in one DVD or video, you can experience vulva wisdom from the following erotic pioneers:  Betty Dodson, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Annie Sprinkle, Jack Painter, Joseph Kramer, Deborah Anapol, Suzie Heumann, Deborah Sundahl, Carol Queen, Robert Lawrence, Juliet Anderson, Victor Gold and Jwala. Directed and Produced by Joseph Kramer, PhD. Art Direction and Editing by Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot. This stimulating collection offers the full spectrum of vulva touch: lovemaking with a partner, self-loving, ritual healing, genital therapy, sex coaching and good old fashioned pleasuring. (Video 83 minutes, DVD 4 hrs.-2003)

Special Screenings at the Roxie All day
Sunday May 26th
2,4, 6, 8 and 10 PM
The Sex and Surgery of Stacy Valentine
The Fabulous Roxie Cinema will co-present a popular sex worker doc that is a must see for those curious about the nuts and bolts of the porn industry, portrayed through the life of  Stacy Valentine.

The Girl Next Door
Christine Fugate (Director)
The Girl Next Door is an intimate and humanizing look into the rise to fame of adult film superstar Stacy Valentine. The wheels were set in motion when Stacy's then-husband, to satisfy his own sexual fantasy, urged his Oklahoma housewife, Stacy Baker, to submit her photograph to Gallery Magazine's amateur pictorial competition, voyeuristically named, "The Girl Next Door." Easily winning this contest, Stacy was soon gracing the cover of Hustler magazine and accepting offers to perform in X-rated films. Within months, Stacy Baker had the money and confidence she needed to escape her abusive marriage and head for Hollywood. The Girl Next Door is the conflicting story between Stacy Baker and the world of pornography, and Stacy Valentine and her desire for true love. Stacy allows us to experience the exotic world of pornography through the eyes of a former housewife from Oklahoma. (83 min.-2003)