FOSTA SESTA Awareness & Resistance 

Several movies in our Festival address FOSTA SESTA Awareness and Resistance as filmmakers portray the impacts within their communities.

"Sex workers around the Bay Area are struggling under FOSTA SESTA. This legislation cuts our ability to screen clients and makes us more vulnerable to violence. Some of us are unable to find a way to access clients, and may be working more publicly. We face the wrath of others, while police interventions are accompanied by arrests, abuse and more." --Carol Leigh

 The passage of this legislation sharply increases risks for sex workers and reduces our incomes. This ordeal has rallied our community to muster the power and strength we have, and to work towards prioritizing issues for those most impacted.

On Thursday May 24
th, Bay Area Worker Support will be presenting a screening at Dungeon Art Gallery in Oakland which funds the Emergency Fund for Sex Workers. We invite you to visit BAWS website and make a donation even if you can’t attend. Meanwhile, read this collection of writings by  sex workers about the impact of FOSTA SESTA.

Link to see the protest of FOSTA SESTA from the San Francisco Mayor's Anti- Human Trafficking Task Force


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Roxie Cinema, May 25th, 6:25 PM

PJ Starr
/The Incredible Edible Akynos/Monica Jones
(06:21 - 2019, US)
Some straight talk on the phone lines from PJ Starr, the Incredible Edible Akynos and Monica Jones about the impact of new federal laws about online sex work. Audio recorded by speaker phone and animation by PJ Starr.PJ Starr in person!


CyberScreening: Launching through this Webinar

This Is How New Legislation Puts Sex Workers in Danger

Ashley Velez, The Root featuring Ceyenne Doroshow/Akynos/Mona Marie
(8:43-2018, US)
An important discussion amongst Black sex worker artist/activists Ceyenne Doroshow/Akynos/Mona Marie on the occaision of JezeRoot’s Women’s History Month.  This slick, brilliant and emotional interview-style video describes the impact of FOSTA SESTA. This video is essential watching for students, activists and the general public.

See online:


Power Reset: Artists Television Access: May 22nd, 7:30 PM

Is friendship legal under SESTA?FOSTA ?
Ms Zoe Cat/Salty Brine/Juba Kalamka<
(18:00-2019, US)
Three friends, who happen to be sex workers, meet up in Las Vegas, for fun shows and homemade porn, discussions of what is and is not legal under SESTA/FOSTA, and how that affects the supportive aspects of friendship.