"Hit the streets... Strike a pose... he's a Natural Born Hooker and this is his journey through brothels, porn and five-star hotels.
One boy becomes a man, turns ten thousand tricks... and lives to tell the tale."

CounterPulse 1310 Mission Street (near 9th) Thursday, July 19th, 8 & 10:30 p.m.,

$12, $15, $25 Reservations: 415/435-7552 Booking & Publicity: 323/899-9834
(portion of proceeds benefits the St. James Infirmary)

"NATURAL BORN HOOKER" Produced by Konrad Product & Miss Darcey Leonard; Starring Aaron Orr; Written by Konrad Product; Directed by Michael Hauser

Sex work is a thriving global business: from brothels to porn to the street and five star hotels, sex is for sale 24/7. Prostitution, hooking, whoring or sex work, call it what you will, it's not for nothing that it's called the World's Oldest Profession. Whether it's a call boy turning a trick, a pimp booking a client or a male stripper dancing a set, there's always the bottom line: how much do you cost, what are you into and why are you doing this?

Cheri, Querelle, City of Night, The Happy Hooker, Dancer from the Dance, Diary of a Manhatten CallGirl... much has been written about the world of prostitutes, a demimondaine where Camille Pagillia locates the 19th Century origins of the word, "gay." Natural Born takes that notion as a cue to narratively explore the path one man travels in the process of becoming a sex worker, drawing on the hero's mythology to structure its nine 10-12 minute sequences.

Natural Born Hooker is a synthesis of monologuges, and characters, the narrative thematically driven by Madonna, survival, safety & security, love & belonging and, finally, self-actualization. At its core, NAtural Born Hooker is about the desire for escape -- from home, the present and the immediate past -- into an underworld and then up, to life in the light.

Natural Born Hooker is also the story of one recent-yet-distant era: the late 80's / 90's and early millenium. With a perspective born of time, Natural Born Hooker's 10,000 tricks become a reference point for the AIDS epedemic, our collective relationship with fame and how time shapes a personal history.

Drawing material from a diary chronicling ten years of sex work, the one man show, "NATURAL BORN HOOKER" tells the story of a functional male prostitute, examining the intersection of commerce and sexual politics that's detailed in stories of class, spirituality and the transactional nature of relationships in Hollywood.
"NATURAL BORN HOOKER" deals with sex work as a thriving global business: from brothels to porn to the streets and five star hotels, "NATURAL BORN HOOKER" sex is for sale 24/7. Prostitution, hooking, whoring or sex work, call it what you will, it's not for nothing that it's called the World's Oldest Profession. Whether it's a call boy turning a trick, a pimp booking a client or a male stripper dancing a set, "NATURAL BORN HOOKER" is forever looking at the figures and doing the math: Cock (Tease) divided by Youth plus Measurements equals... Money.

At its core, "NATURAL BORN HOOKER" is about one boy's desire for escape, a singular journey fueled by Madonna that plunges him into a dark underworld, a crooked path that's navigated with well-honed survival instincts and defined by a persistent need for love and belonging. But "NATURAL BORN HOOKER" is also the larger story of one recent-yet-distant era: the late 80's, early 90's and millennium. With the perspective born of time, those ten thousand tricks (and the sex they entailed), "NATURAL BORN HOOKER" become a reference point for the AIDS epidemic, Hollywood/fame and the bittersweet passage of time.

Konrad Product (Writer, Producer)

Konrad Product (playwright / producer) left home at fifteen, got on the game and never looked back. Along the way, he acquired a B.A. in InterDisciplinary Studies from an Ivy League University and Ph.DD in Life from The World U..

While serving a life sentance in Hollywood, Konrad’s worked at William Morris Agency, MTV and Samuel Goldwyn Films and for several personalities including, among others, America's first reality TV star, a movie star whose features have been rendered him unreconizeable by plastic surgery and a pop star who kept getting caught in tea rooms. Currently, he splits his time between Los Angeles,
New York and London.

Pornographer, poet and playwright, Konrad Product never got over the alliterative language possibility's presented by children's literature (c.f., Roald Dahl, "The Fantastic Mister Fox"). Favoring leisurely afternoon movies, Konrad Product has seen virtually every film about hookers, his top eight favorites, in no particular order, being: "Un Flic," "Two or Three Things I Know About Her," "2046," "Belle de Jour," "Klute," "Butterfield 8," "That Obscure Object of Desire" and "The Blue Hour."

Konrad Product recently completed a novel; his erotic short stories have been published in Freshmen, Mandate and Advocate Men, and the collection, "Nature in the Raw... Gay Erotic Fiction from Freshmen Magazine." Upcoming theatrical productions include, "The Seduction of Joey Fabulous" and "Shiksa in Turmoil."

"Natural Born Hooker" is a thinly veiled roman a clef drawn from Konrad Product's encyclopedic life experiences which, as might be expected, have covered the waterfront: sensualists, exhibitionists, adventurers, whores who know it and angels who haven't figured it out, sluts, survivors, saints, sinners and sugar daddies.

Aaron Orr (Actor)

Aaron Orr is a Cali native, born behind the Orange Curtain, the middle child of 5. A graduate of the Ruskin School of Acting, Aaron's been appeared on stage in "America, A Hero's Tribute at the Artist Theater," "Noises Off,' and "The F' Word" (presented by Toxic Shock Theater.) While living abroad in Bangkok, Aaron was a featured theater artists with the Bangkok Theater (BCT). A veteran of print and TV, Aaron recently starred as Drew Parker in the feature, "Gone But Not Forgotten."

Miss Darcey Leonard (Producer)

Miss Darcey Loenard is an L.A. based impresario and gestational force behind bringing many underground club nights, rock shows, cabarets, burlesque shows and plays to life. She began her entertainment career in Boston, at the infamous drag bar, Jacques Cabaret, eventually shunning higher education in preference for the tuteledge of such seasoned vaudeville veterans as drag queen, Sylvia Sidney, on the stage at Jacques. Credits include: “Gash”, a transgressive queer short film, co-produced with Tracey MacCullion and starring Miss Darcey, that was invited to screen at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and at the Whitney Biennial in 2000; “Meatcake the Play”, based ona popular Fantagraphics comic book; co-producing and starring in The EZ Bake Coven Cabaret with Dame Darcy, at the original riot girl feminist rock convention known as Ladyfest, in Olympia, Washington in 2001.Following 9/11, Miss Darcey headed West pursuing her love of classic American burlesque, appearing at Exotic World in 2001. Miss Darcy's also a burlesque showcase producer nonpareil, with a devoted following that she has appeared with, or produced shows for, such as Dirty Martini, The Wau Wau Sisters, Erochica Bamboo, Kitty Diggins, Kitten De Ville, Lucha Va Voom, Pleasant Gehman, Penny Star Jr., and Slymenstra Hymen.In 2006, the LA Weekly made Miss Darcey: a cover girl of their “People” issue
featured Miss Darcey as the glamourous “screwball diva” behind Club Screwball, her weekly club night with club partner Don Bolles, of infamous punk band, The Germs.

Michael Hauser (director)

Michael Hauser is no stranger to entertaining audiences. From producing TV shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, to acting in Los Angeles theater productions of Ten Naked Men, Queen of Angels, and Club Hell, as well as being branded on the cover of AD campaigns ranging from Ambien to T-Mobile, he answers the call where ever his talents are needed.