Schedule of Movies
The Roxie New College Film Center
July 21st, Saturday 12 Noon- 2 am

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July 21st- Film Festival at The Roxie Saturday
(There will be a preview on July 20th 'The Roaming Hookerfest' previewing movies via outdoor projection on the streets of San Francisco

Media Contacts: Carol Leigh-(415) 751-1659
Public Festival Information Line: (415) 861-1157

12 noon-Turning a Corner-
The Festival is invites outreach agencies and health service providers to this screening to examine these diverse experiences of sex work.

Kryptonite - Amber Bemak (32 min -2005) Follow a group of women at a small house of domination in Manhattan and hear from the dominatrix'
own point of view on life, love and what makes them tick.

Update from the Sidewalk - Vero Leduc (35 min. 2006- FR/Quebec) Three sex workers from Toulouse relate their vision of prostitution, autonomy, social relations and feminism. Vero Leduc is part of the Pink Panthers Radical Queer Group and the videoactivist collective Les Lucioles, based in Montreal. Update from the Sidewalks is included in La Putain de Compile, a compilation she produced with Stella, a sex worker group in Montreal.

Turning a Corner - Salome Chasnoff (58 min- 2006) This video was created in a media activism workshop that Chasnoff facilitated with 15 women who had been involved in street prostitution in Chicago . Exposing the harsh realities of their lives, this riveting work tells the women's stories of survival and triumph over homelessness, violence and discrimination and rare insights into this aspect of Chicago's sex industry and documents the women's efforts to raise awareness of the injustices experienced by those who struggle to survive in this underground world. A San Francisco premiere.

2 pm Naked Hearts and Minds

Conference in Brussels, (2 min excerpt. 2006-Italy, France) A wonderful poem a homage to street workers. (from the compilation, La Putain de Compile)

Dis Closure, exploring the hearts and minds of gay male escorts - Jeff Ball (15 min. excerpt 2007) A short documentary from an installation by MachoSissy (aka Jeff Ball) about the lives, loves and work of gay male escorts.

Begging Naked- Karen Gehres (70 min. 2007) A portrait of a woman's journey in New York as an artist, teenage runaway, prostitute, stripper and her life in the labyrinth of Giuliani's repressive anti-prostitution laws that tore the city's industry apart. This inspiring film transcends its grim narrative, gracefully creating an intimate portrait of a fascinating individual struggling to survive in a city that would prefer she didn't exist. Begging Naked was filmed by her friend over the course of nine years. We are proud to premiere it here on the West Coast. Edited by Kim Kowalski Original Music by Brendan O'Shea. Additional music featuring Marianne Faithful, Kate Bush and Mae West.

4 pm Hos Demanding Our Rights

Whore Pride - Vero Leduc, (3.30 2006 FR/Quebec) On the 3rd anniversary of the Sarkozy Law March 18, 2006 a few hundred sex workers descend on Paris streets to protest repression and to demand rights and recognition of their status. (from the compilation, La Putain de Compile)Mandatory HIV Testing Demo at Hall of (In)justice- Scarlot Harlot (4 min. 1990) Local San Francisco television archives of a demo against mandatory HIV testing for sex workers featuring Scarlot Harlot, Dee Dee Russell, Vic St. Blaise and other local activists. (from the compilation, La Putain de Compile)

SWOP - LA- Gennifer Hirano, asian princess. (2 min. 2007) A Short Film Chronicling the SWOP LA demo.

Political Whore by Stephan Lahoud, (6 min. 2006 Fr/Quebec) Male hustlers Chacha and Nutella discuss the political character of their work and life in the gay community. (from the compilation, La Putain de Compile)

Taking the Pledge Melissa Ditmore & Erin Siegel (Network of Sex Work Projects) (13 min. 2007) - Powerful activist detailing with interviews spanning the globe, addressing the impacts of new US funding restrictions under the Bush administration.

XXXpressions-Mirha Soleil Ross (STELLA) (13 min. 2006, Fr/Quebec)
In May 2005, 250 sex workers from around the world assembled in Montreal for the XXX Forum. Organized by Stella, Montreal's peer-run sex worker organization marked Stella's tenth anniversary an a chance to take collective stock of the sex worker rights movement. Yet another uniquely artful and experimental approach to cinematic journalism by sex worker filmmaker-star, Mirha. (from the compilation, La Putain de Compile)

Legalization Sucks Maxine Doogan (29 min. 2005)

Features two San Francisco exotic dance club workers and two Nevada
brothel workers who talk how these legalized sex industry businesses
hasn't created ideal work conditions for erotic laborers and was
featured at 2005

Ni Coupables, Ni victimes - Sexyshock with International Committee for Sex Workers Rights in Europe (38 min, 2006 Italy/Belgium)
At the historic conference in Brussels October 2005 "Ni coupables, ni victimes" (French for 'not guilty, not victims') is a polyphonic conversation gathering the words of some of the protagonists at the Brussels conference. They speak of the complexity and nuances of the sex industry and their lives: the challenges and the struggles of being a sex worker in Europe today, the repressive policies affecting their lives, and the strategies of resistance enabling them to do their work, build their desires and plan their futures.

Sex Workers Do Harm Reduction - PJ Starr (7 min, 2007)
In May 2007, a coalition of sex worker organizers converged on Warsaw
to attend the International Harm Reduction Conference. This short
inspires debate about the relationship between sex worker rights,
human rights and harm reduction. Additional camera and inspiration by Robyn Few.

6 pm Lying Down and Standing Up: Hookers on the Move

69 things I love about Sex Work - Isabel Hosti (5:51 min, 2006) Fun
and sexy piece about a queer Canadian's favorite things about being a
sex worker.

Hard Work by Margo St. James (29 min. 1977) Wonderful energetic
documentary about the very beginnings of our modern day prostitutes
rights movement and one of our early pioneers, Margo St. James.

Les prostitute's de Lyon parlent -Carole Roussopoulos with Video Out (10 min. excerpt 1975) US Premiere!Documentary about the action that launched the sex worker rights movement in Europe. This subversive event took place when prostitutes occupied a church in Lyon, France.

Otras Vias - FrauenLesbenFilmcollectif (56 min. 2002) Powerful documentary
chronicling 'mucolade contra la deportacion' (women against
deportation) a group of radical queer Spanish speaking women in Berlin
who are doing preventive work to avoid migrant sexworkers to be
imprisoned for deportation. Particulary relevant in the context of the
current anti-immmigrant panics in the U.S.

8pm Star Whores

Sweetheart I Thought We Covered That Yesterday - blake nemec (5 min.
2007) Previewing the lives of three hustlers in 1986. Sage sees another
angle to Fire island, Fran negotiates from her can and gets sewn into
street drama while Vanessa walks on, distracted by her suppressed but
gnawing desires.

The Railroad All-Stars- Chema Rodriguez (90 min. 2006)
Street Workers n Guatemala City live their lives and fight to be treated with respect and of ending the spat of violence recently inflicted on
workers in the stroll. In order to draw public attention to their
everyday problems, they get together to form a football team, train
for weeks and sign up for a local championship . This is their story.

10 pm Sex Worker Realism

The Making of Gigi PJ Starr (10 min. trailer 2008)
Downtown areas of the District of Columbia have almost completely
transformed since the 1990s into clean and quiet safe havens for the
bureaucratic classes. As the streets are sanitized, we are losing the
vibrant street cultures of DC and the unwritten histories of sex
workers and street folk will soon be forgotten. Gigi Thomas, a leading
African American transgender sex worker rights activist, retraces her
personal transformations with film-maker and friend PJ Starr as they
visit different neighborhoods to view the major landmarks of Gigi's life. Ethnographic film assistant Ryan Mahon.

Street Survivor Director- Lin Jingjie; Producer- Yann Shan Tsai (21 min. 2006)Beautifully filmed by this award winning team, Street Survivor is a precious portrait of a hooker, her time and the cop who arrested her. If she needs to be working the streets in order to survive, does the cop have a choice of letting her be? Who is the oppressed in the scenario and who is to blame? The first-person voices of a policeman and a sex worker tell us how they try to survive this cruel game on the street. In collaboration with Left Motion Filmmakers Collective; Music by Lin Giong.

Frau Mercedes Louis Matare' (52 min. 2007) An intimate date with Mrs.
Mercedes of Bern, Switzerland, who has been working for 35 years. We
follow her journey from her life in her home, her work and the stories
and history she shares with us. A dying breed, Frau Mercedes is one
of the last few pros who continues to work in her car, despite the
legalization of brothels which has greatly reduced her business and
the realities of growing older in the world of prostitution.

Midnight-What's Hotter than Hooker Shorts?

Plastic Fantastic #1 Samara Halperin (1 min. 2006)
An animated video that asks the age old question, do hot dogs dream?
Music by Paperboats.

Gender Poo -Lolaguine (1:30 min. 2007) Bathroom signs for all those who
are sick of gender binaries. (from the compilation, La Putain de Compile)

Highway Amazon (12 min. 2007) Ronnie Cramer a body builder/exotic dancer who travels across the country wrestling men in hotel rooms and we get to see what this ripped muscle queen does to these lucky guys.
Hard Hat Required - Samara Halperin (3 min. 2006) An animated video
that brings new meaning to the phrase, "under construction." Music by Rocco Katastrophe Kayiatos.

The Aphrodite Project -Norene Leddy (6 min. 2006)
These magical hooker platforms are a 'must' for 21st century hookers in this interactive system and conceptual tribute to the Greek goddess. Plus they are very practical for futuristic style sex workers. (from the compilation, La Putain de Compile)

Trannymal- Dylan Vade and Chrys Curtis-Fawley (2 min. 2006) Have
you ever wanted to see transgender genitals but been afraid to ask?
Meet Trannymal, a transgender genital with attitude. Yes, you get to
look at him but he looks back! Trannymal sets out to make the world
safer for transgender people.

Meats and Hearts-kiddy drown (4 min. 2007) very E.X.P.
Postramatiks- kiddy drown (4 min. 2007) animation of creatures she has

No Strings Attached - Gentry McShane ( 8 min. 2006) Sid and Sam are
two bored fags lounging around cruising Craigslist ads when they come
across a pretty typical ad seeking STR8 Acting guys. Sid and Sam
decide to take matters in to their own hands. What ensues is a
hilarious lesson in gender identity for Joe, a "normal" guy looking
for a good time. Starring Jamie Sharpe and Jhon Jack.

Commercial Break - billay tania (3:59 min 2007) A totally radical
channel surf through the killer waves of daytime television. And pills.

Yum- Sadie Lune (5:5 min. 2005) A very loving look at BDSM in a
soft and pretty palate which highlights the nurturing and soul-feeding
aspects of both BDSM and home made food. Rhythmically set to one of Chopin's preludes, a moving piece with a dark crescendo like a BDSM scene or the moment went simmer turns to boil. Photography by Julia Robinson; starring Shae Dawson.

The Waiting Room PJ Starr (12 min. 2007) The devil makes work for idle hands in this behind the scenes, slice of life, depiction of what sex workers really think about paying guys. Is everything as it seems? Spend 15 minutes with the ladies and gentlemen of The Waiting Room as they file their nails, watch TV and create their fantasy personas. Find out more about the back room of the brothel. A fictional narrative based on a
true story that explores transformation, sexual disgust, envy and/or the pleasure of making money. Stars Takia Cash and Chastity Laws. Introducing Cherry Ripe Lee.

3 Letters from 3 Schizophrenics (3:35 min. 2007) a hallucinogenic
psychodrama that is more akin to an acid trip than a sane and grounded
reality. Composed of computer crafted animation with texts by friends
and lovers, 3 Letters from 3 Schizophrenics is a frenetic exploration
of love, abstraction and sexual compulsion.

Incontinencia - billay tania (4:52 min. 2007) An out-of-control tale
of uncontrollable loss, a satirical reclamation of high art and fancy

Jaded Consumer Looking For Something More - Rhani Lee Remedes (35 min. 2007)
A glitter in the gutter fairytale about the quest for horny unicorny.
Filmed in the streets of San Francisco, this visually stunning and
perverted movie-ette follows 12 year old Spatty Tinkle (Chelsea Starr)
on her neurotic prowl for "something more". Among the cast of creeps
include the narcissistic and lonely Prince, (Brontez of Gravy
Train!!!), the hot fat hustler Helena Smith (Fabulous of the Sex
Worker Fest) and the witchy creature preacher of the Unicorn Truth
(Kiddy Kattle). Fucked up and gorgeous to the eye, pot smoke and
mossy electric trees, anxiety on a mission, and uniporn. Don't Miss
Your Chance To Be Touched By the Unicorn.