Volunteering Festival Week: Introduction

Thanks for volunteering for our festival!

We need lots of help, and we offer free entries to many events to our volunteers. We need help in advance, distributing flyers, email campaigns, artist liason and housing, photographers, graphic artists, getting the word out on the web, articles written and more. If you have expertise in outreach to sex workers in San Francisco, let us know!

Please join our Yahoo swfest group for updates and email us at swfest@bayswan.org

We also need ushers for July 21st at the Roxie, so you can also watch the movies, as well as set up/clean up crews for various events. There is a chart for Festival Week volunteer efforts we are asking you to fill in and submit online. If you have trouble with the form, email us at swfest@bayswan.org.

The 'In-Progress' calendar for the week is here.

Thanks again! We love you!

Love and condoms,
Scarlot Harlot