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Producers: Erica Fabulous & Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot, Film Curator: Laure McElroy

Call for Healers: San Francisco Sex Workers Film and Arts Festival Whore’s Bath

The San Francisco Sex Workers Film and Arts Festival was established in 1998 to provide a forum for the accomplishments of sex worker film, art, performance and video makers, and to screen works about sex workers and the sex industries from around the world. The Sex Worker Festival provides an opportunity to recognize and honor prostitutes, dancers, porn performers and other sex workers, who have historically been a dynamic part of arts communities.

For the first time, our closing event will be a sex worker healing salon on Sunday, May 29th, 2011. We will be renting a three-story house with a hot tub, and will be turning the five different bedrooms into different healing modality spaces.

We are currently looking for sex workers as healers, participants and recipients. We are seeking healers who would be interested in offering their services in this space; massage, aestheticians, cosmetologists (still really need a few people to do mani-pedi’s), beauticians, reiki, cranial sacral, yoga, art therapy, acupuncture, herbs, healing foods, and more. We will be offering a small stipend as well as free entry to the event. We will be asking people to work two hours for entrance to the event.


Whores Bath (urban dictionary definition): The gentle dampening of a rag when one must cleanse oneself to use on vaginal area, usually between fuckin's.

Whores Bath (21st century definition): A day of self-care, spa treatments, and magical healing for current and former sex workers.

Please call 503-348-7666 or email sexworkerfest(at) if you are interested in being part of this community building event.