The 8th Biennial San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival sponsored by Desiree Alliance, ISWFACE, BAYSWAN and SWOP-USA
/SWOP Bay Area
Co-Producers: Erica Fabulous & Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot;
Film Curator: Laure Mc Elroy; Performance Curators: Mariko Passion and Tom Orr
Community sponsors include : San Francisco Bay Times; San Francisco Bay Guardian; National Queer Arts Festival; San Francisco Transgender Film Festival; Media Alliance; St. James Infirmary; Good Vibrations; Sex Worker Media Library; Center for Sex & Culture; Babes in Toyland; Vixen Creations; Fatso; Dee Dee TV; Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.


May 18th-26th 2013

Schedule in progress: http://www.sexworkerfest.com/swfest2013/schedule2013.html

Since 1999 the San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival has provided a forum for sex worker film and video makers to screen works about sex workers and sex work, businesses, industries and trades around the world. The Festival has expanded to become a vibrant venue for performances, workshops, visual arts, political organizing, skills sharing and ever expanding events. The Sex Worker Festival recognizes and honors prostitutes, dancers, porn performers and other sex workers from diverse communities, who have been dynamic and integral members of arts communities since time immemorial.

Performance and Parties

TheWhoreCast LIVE! Siouxsie Q brings sex worker stories, art, and voices this time LIVE and in person to kick off the Fest at the Center for Sex & Culture featuring Cinnamon Maxxine, James Darling and Courtney Trouble.The WhoreCast Trivia game and lots of surprises in this interactive live show. 

Back by popular demand, San Francisco's "Musical Comedy Cabaret Porn Star" and award-winning lyricist Tom Orr presents Love For $ale redux, "Hooker with a Heart of Gold" featuring music, burlesque, and performance art via hooker showtunes in this a benefit for the St. James Infirmary, the sex worker occupational health clinic in San Francisco.

Performance curator and international multi-media artist Mariko Passion brings her "Whorrific Popcorn Theater Bus and Cabaret," as storytellers and performers including Ckiara Rose, Scarlot Harlot and Femme 6 take riders on a magical adventure with a Happy Ending!

The 2013 Sex Worker Fest welcomes Amber Dawn (author of Lambda Award-winning novel Sub Rosa) launching her new work "How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustlers Memoir" on Thursday, May 23rd at "Oral Sarvices," an evening of spoken word with Brontez Purnell, Juba Kalamka, Rhiannon Argo, Ckiara Rose, Lola Sunshine, Jacques La Femme, editors of Dear Dawn: Aileen Wuornos in Her Own Words and participants from an MNRC workshop w/ POOR Magazine.

Special Events

The Sex Worker Festival again presents "Whores Bath," a spa and magical healing event for sex workers in San Francisco, "reclaiming our roles as healers." "Whores Bath," was created by Festival co-producer, Erica Fabulous, who also launched "Roaming Hookerfest" "Privilege, Opression and Intersextionality" workshops and much more. Her long-time collaborations with San Francisco's diverse queer/trans/sex worker underground has inspired yearly sex worker performance extravaganzas. "Whores Bath" contributes to the 21st century lexicon with a new entry in the Urban Dictionary (www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=whores%20bath)


In 2013 the Festival launches a 4 day series of workshops, "Privilege, Oppression, and InterseXionality," for sex workers and allies in conjunction with Rhizome Consulting Project. Join us for this transformative, heart and mind opening workshop series as we deepen our awareness of class/race/gender and how they overlap and intersect.

Amber Dawn will be among those offering workshops on Friday on May 24th at the Center for Sex & Culture. Amber Dawn's workshop"Tough Language and Tender Wisdoms" is "sex workers only" but most including Mariko Passion, The Incredible Edible Akynos, Charlie Fredericks "Housing Justice & Sex Work" and more are open to all. Please check the schedule TBA re: admission for each workshop.

The Festival is proud to welcome activist and artist Emi Koyama. Focusing on the carceral state, Koyama's recent zine, "State Violence, Sex Trade, and the Failure of Anti-Trafficking Policies," is based on extensive research, documenting of false premises within the U.S. domestic anti-sex trafficking movement and the alignment with the fundamentalist Christian right. The evening also includes a selection of video clips from "Collateral Damage: Sex Workers and the Anti-Trafficking Campaigns," "Normal- Real Stories from The Sex Industry" and more.


Films and videos for the Festival focus on sex workers lives and rights; diverse voices including youth, sex workers of color, migrant sex workers; sex worker right organizations around the world; impact of trafficking policy and discourse on sex workers; new work from Asia Pacific Network of Sex Worker; sex work as a labor issue on the international agenda; sex workers as artists; queer and trans sex workers; sex worker saints, heros and sheros; sex work and gender identities; sex education, sex art, porn, fetish culture and erotica; portraits of strippers, prostitutes, doms, and madams, and much more.

The 2013 films show news turn in 'sex worker sinema.' Influenced by the contemporary genre of gritty and intensley personal reality shows, "Lot Lizard" and "American Courtesans" represent the best examples of self-revelation. In "Lot Lizard" (aka truck stop sex workers) hitchhiker, now filmmaker, Alexander Perlman presents intimate and unusually respectful portraits that invokves a broader story about how America deals with its outcasts. In "American Courtesans," long time escort and filmmaker Kristen DiAngelo courageously wrestles with taboo revelations about sex workers, violence and stigma. Remarkably candid and sometimes self-critical, the women in this movie invite the viewers into the circles of a suportive sisterhood to share in their trauma, catharsis and ultimately their empowerment. Scarlet Road documents the specialized work of Rachel Wotton, as she works with clients who are disabled, campaigning for both sex worker rights and to increase awareness and access to sexual expression for people with disability.
In "Pay it no Mind: The Life and Times of Marsha P. Johnson," the woman who thew "the shotglass that was heard around the world" is memorialzied in this tribute to sex worker and LGBT history, screening with "Remembering The Living: Monica Forrester on Sister in Spirit and Indigenous Sex Workers." An array of brilliant shorts include "A Kiss for Gabriela" by Laura Murray, "Whore Logic" by PJ Starr featuring The Incredible Edible Akynos, "Stripper Damage" by Gina Gold, "Transitioning Through Sex Work" by Jay Very, "Nada" by Nada Felini and Christian Vega,Creative Trafficking" by Operation Snatch and many more.
Festival founder, Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot says, "Sex workers have an excellent vantage point from which to view social hypocrisy, expressed in many contexts--by the lawmakers who use their services, then sponsor policies which further criminalize them, to the wanna-be saviors who claim to 'rescue' but only increase our vulnerability. This whores-eye-view of society is reflected in this body of work by sex workers."

The Sex Worker Festival is proud to include sponsors: the San Francisco Bay Times (www.sfbaytimes.com); the San Francisco Bay Guardian (www.sfbg.com); the National Queer Arts Festival (www.queerculturalcenter.org), the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (www.trannyfest.com); the Center for Sex & Culture (www.sexandculture.org); Media Alliance (www.media-alliance.org); Sex Worker Media Library (www.sexworkermedialibrary.org); International Sex Worker Foundation for Art Culture and Education (www.iswface.org), Sex Workers Outreach Project; Desiree Alliance; the St. James Infirmary (www.stjamesinfirmary.or); Solace, San Francisco (www.solacesf.org); the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.


Contacts: Co-Producers- Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot and Erica Fabulous
Telephone: (415) 857-5425
email: swfest@bayswan.org, sexworkerfest@gmail.com
Dates: May 18th-26th 2013
Location: Multiple venues: Roxie Cinema; Center for Sex & Culture; Agency Locations-St. James Infirmary; CAL-PEP.
Website: http://www.sexworkerfest.com

Schedule: http://www.sexworkerfest.com/swfest2013/schedule2013.html
Additional Curators: Film Curator- Laure McElroy; Performance curators: Tom Orr and Mariko Passion
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