InterseXionality Registration

Please copy and paste these questions into an email to or call 415-857-5425 to register for this event.

1. Name (or for privacy first name-last initial or any indicator/name)

2. Which days can you attend, if not all?

3. We would like to follow up with a call or email. How can we best contact you?

4. Where did you hear about this event?

5. Accessibility:
Locations are all handicap accessible.
Please list other needs: (like childcare, translation, hearing impaired or other)

6. If you would like us to forward information or contact to friends and associates or to recommend organizations that might spread the word, please let us know.

7. If you would like, please let us know what you are hoping for, your goals or your interest in this workshop.



This is a free event, but if you would like to make a donation please visit our Paypal site:

or send a check payable to:
PO Box 210256
San Francisco

For tax deductible donations, please email: