May 17th, 8:30 PM at the Center for Sex & Culture

Opening for Queenie Bon Bon Direct from Australia!

Lexi Lipstick, performing a segment from her upcoming show.

Starting out as a religious conservative, Lexi Lipstick grew up to be a pansexual, kinky, sex educating artist. From performing xxx nude shows at the famed Lusty Lady SF, stripping at private parties for queer women, playing a kink Mommy for closet fetishists, giving lunchtime sensual massages to folks sneaking away from the office and ballbusting hardcore masochists in her dungeon, Lexi Lipstick has traveled through various realms of sex work. Join her as she performs a segment from her forthcoming one-woman show about the path from being born-again to life as a professional and lifestyle pervert.

About Lexi Lipstick

Lexi Lipstick is a professional BDSM Dominant, sex educator and fetish artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She's passionate about spreading the good word of sexual pleasure and self-realization to adults of every gender. As a pro and lifestyle BDSM player, she enjoys traversing the broad landscapes of taboos. As a sex educator, certified through San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), and informed by her own experience as a pansexual/queer and genderfluid person, she teaches workshops and provides consultations. As an artist, she enjoys blending sexual themes with an artistic multimedia approach, in particular through burlesque, writing, podcasting and digital media. She holds a B.A. in the arts from San Francisco State University. To learn more about her or to listen to her podcast, visit LexiLipstick.com.