sponsored by BAYSWAN, ISWFACE, COYOTE, SWOP and Desiree Alliance

P.O. 210256, San Francisco, CA 94121, 415-857-5425 http://www.sexworkerfest.com
email sexworkerfest@gmail.com

Logistics (To be updated soon)


Chilcare is available for attendees upon request. Please let us know if you are considering attending and which events you may want to atttend as soon as possible so that specifics can be arranged. Contact us at sexworkerfest@ gmail.com or call us at 415-857-5425.


ADA Accessibility

All event locations (Roxie Theater, Center for Sex and Culture, Omni Commons, La Pena Cultural Center) are ADA accessible. Please contact us for further information

Fragrance Free

We ask you to assist us in making this a scent free environment. See peggymunson.com/mcs/fragrancefree.html for more information about this issue.


Por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros sobre sus necesidades de traducción.

Please email us for a list of movies with available subtitles for hearing impaired guests.

Hotel Information

Location of Festival
The movies will be shown at the Roxie, is in the Mission neighborhood in 16th Street between Valencia and Guerrero. The Center for Sex & Culture is in SOMA. They are both fairly close to downtown, or to the Castro, or the Tenderloin or Polk Street neighborhoods. The Omni is in Oakland near downtown and La Pena is in Berkely. Hotels in San Francisco are VERY expensive, prohibitively so for mmost people. Oakland has better prices but the public transportation is not as accessible in some areas. There aren't very many hotels in Berkeley. If you need assistance in booking, please email us.

Arrival at San Francisco Airport
Bart takes you into San Francisco.There are door to door van services for approximately $18-$22. Some major hotels have pick-up services.

Arrival at Oakland Airport
Bart is at the airport, which takes you into San Francisco. There are door to door van services for around $25.00

Please check for updated prices. Please note that there are not necessarily reviewed or recommended here, but this list covers a range of accomodations. Locations in the Mission, downtown or Soma
are close by.

Higher Price Hotels

Phoenix Hotel- Hip, sleek hotel in the downscale Tenderloin (Downtown)
601 Eddy- Swimming pool.
415-776 1380

Bijou- Union Square Area (Downtown)
Mason between Eddy and Ellis

Andrews Hotel- Union Square Area (Downtown)
624 Post
1800 3386848 (Joie de Vivre hospitality)

Allison Hotel- Union Square Area (Downtown)
417 Stockton
415 986-8737

Hotel Triton - Union Square Area (Downtown)
342 Grant

King George Hotel- Union Square Area (Downtown)
334 Mason

Budget Hotels (2015-to be updated)

No recommendations implied.

Soma Park Inn

Beck's Motor Lodge- I love this location in the Castro, although the hotel gets mixed reviews! It seems like a nice place.
2222 Market Street
415- 621-8212

Vagabond Inn- Not very nearby, but good transportation
2550 Van Ness
1 800 522 1555

Rodeway Inn- Civic Center -Outer Tenderloin, Polk St. Area
860 Eddy St.

Broadway Manor Inn -Not very nearby, but good transportation and discounts.
2201 Van Ness

Glenwood Hotel- Union Square but closer to Nob Hill
717 Sutter St.

James Court-Polk Street Neighborhood
1353 Bush St.

The Layne Hotel- the Tenderloin Neighborhood
545 Jones St.

Youth Hostels

Hostel Intl. - Downtown
312 Mason

Hostel Intl. - Fort Mason (the other side of town!)

220 Golden Gate

Further information:

Please don't hesitate to call 415-857-5425 or email with any questions.

If interested in volunteering, please call (415) 857-5425, email sexworkerfest(at)gmail.com and visit: http://www.sexworkerfest.com/swfest2015/volunteer2015.html