Free Performance Workshop with Sangria Red!

Tuesday & Wednesday, May 19th & 20th

1-4 PM (enroll for location info)


 Sex worker's interested in writing,
acting and solo performance

Many of your are seasoned entertainer(s) performers.
 This workshop is for the story behind the story.
 If you are a singer with a song for the show, or movement artist to a music,
 this show will extract and create a mini story (character) to set up another dimension of your work 
Tools You Will Learn:
Writing for Performance
Character Development
A Sex Dream, YES!
 Master of ur  bation

with Sangria Red

First, email: sugars982@gmail.com for

info and to sign up.

Then, save your spot here:


Free Workshop.

Donations to this project are also appreciated. Support sex worker artists and culture.

Intersectionality and the Mission of the Sex Worker Fest

The Sex Worker Fest is anti race, class, gender, age, ability, size and sexual identity oppression. We strive to increase the involvement of politically underrepresented sex worker communities such as trans folk, street based workers, workers of color and workers who transcend the racist, sexist, heterosexist, white-supremacist norms and standards of mainstream beauty.We push the margins of the movement into the center, working to shift paradigms in joint struggle, we cultivate leadership of sex workers that are marginalized within the sex workers movement. We highlight the artistic endeavors of workers in all aspects of the sex industry because whore culture is real, present and on a corner, in a bar, in a hotel or in a bedroom community near YOU.