Sex Worker Fest Movies at The Roxie and Other Venues

May 20th movies in conjunction with Sex Work IS NOT Trafficking

May 18th Sex Workers in Cinema: Sex Worker/Audience Forum & Screening

May 23rd Sex Worker Movie Marathon at the Roxie
3117 16th Street

The Roxie program pdf with images is here:

Sex Worker Movies Only Program

The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Art Festival, as always, focuses on the lives, the art, and the struggle for workers' and human rights of people employed in sex work industries. The festival strives to maintain a forum for diverse voices, including youth, sex workers of color, migrant sex workers; sex workers' rights organizations around the world, queer and trans sex workers, sex worker artists, saints, heros and she-ros, and sex workers both within and outside the borders of the United States. Films and topics address the impact of trafficking policy and discourse on sex workers; sex work as a labor issue on the international agenda; sex work and gender identities, sex education, sex art, porn, fetish culture and erotica, as well as portraits of strippers, prostitutes, doms, madams and much more.

2 PM Sex Worker Family Values

sponsored By SWOP Bay Area with SWAFF, Sex Workers Allies, Family and Friends In Honor of Shannon Williams

What makes a family? Blood ties can bind or merely restrict. Whether natural or intentional, the ones whom we choose to be at our backs, or at our sides, or above us when we’re on our backs, nurture us in ways various and profound. We sex workers have families of birth and families of choice; the real familial relationships we have in our lives, although rarely perfect, seldom approach the carnival-style dysfunction that media and common stereotypes of where we come from would have them rest at. Rather, just like everyone else on the planet, our loved ones shape who we are, how we work, what matters to us, how we judge ourselves and how we see others in relation to us. Sponsored by Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP BAY AREA) The theme of this show takes its inspiration from the campaign Sex Workers Allies, Family and Friends (SWAFF) developed by SWOP leader, our friend Shannon Williams, whose sudden death rests heavy with us in the Bay Area sex worker community. -LM

I am a Sex Worker
Writer/Director: Julia Thays; Producer: CiudadaniasX
The video recreates one day in the life of a young sex worker. Liliana speaks about her decision, hopes and fears while she celebrates her birthday. Part of "Commotion: a Cultural intervention to fight violence towards women and trans sex workers, the ‘Commotion Intervention’ is an effort to create empathy toward a group of Individuals who have historically faced discrimination and neglect. Taking advantage of ‘Cultural Activism,’ artists, sex workers' associations and researchers participated in a complex process of learning the reality each sex worker that ended in building a set of artistic and communicational activities to fight against violence towards sex workers. In the process we included a communicational campaign using posters on the streets, radio spots, photos and comics on a website. As part of the intervention we created a short film called "I am a sex worker" that recreates one day in the life of a woman who does sex work. The intervention finalized with the first march of sex workers and activists-through the main streets in Lima. / 7 minutes / 2013/ Lima, Peru

Producer: Akua Obeng-Frimpong; Writer/Director/Producer: Paul Frankl
Motherhood is redefined as a beautiful and all inclusive as well as healing when Roxanne, an isolated transgender sex worker, takes in a young girl who has been abandoned by her mother, and her life is thrown into question. /14 minutes / 2014 / UK

The Malak
Director: Kat Mansoor with VAMP/SANGRAM
In India, a Malak is a female sex worker’s informal companion. In this funny short an Indian activist introduces us to her Malak and describes their courtship and subsequent relationship. Kamlabhai, protagonist and long time sex worker activist, died this year. She had been a dedicated friend, sex worker and activist and she is missed by her large community./ 3 minutes / 2011 / india

We Are Foot Soldiers
Directors: Debolina Dutta and Oishik Sircar
What does sex work have to do with child rights? In this mid-length documentary young activists of Amra Padatik (literally translates from the Bengali as ‘We are foot soldiers’), an organization formed by the children of sex workers in India, relate the challenges, the sacrifices and the gifts of being children of sex workers in Kolkata?s Sonogachi red light district. The Film journeys through the lives of six Amra Padatik members whose entangled realities do not paint a picture of helplessness, but of political assertiveness and social consciousness. /26 minutes/ 2011 /Kolkata, India

Director’s Note:
We are not trained filmmakers. We are activist lawyers and have been associated with Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee(DMSC) for over a decade. In 2007 we received a fellowship to write a paper documenting the collectivization of Amra Padatik (AP), the organization of children of sex workers formed under the aegis of DMSC. But at one of our discussions during this time, the young activists of AP told us that no one (especially within their community) would ever read our paper which was going to be written in English. So we were urged to do something more useful with the research that will have a wider use and reach, especially within their community. It was also around this time that ?Born into Brothels? had won the Oscar and Amra Padatik members were furious at the fact that the film did not acknowledge the existence of the vibrant sex workers movement in Kolkata and portrayed their mothers as irresponsible and incompetent parents. The children drew inspiration from the work that their mothers have been doing to demand their right to sex work as work. Stereotypical images of their suffering are something that many of them identify with, yet, far from despair and fear, in the face of adversity, their responses are far more complex, hopeful and strong.

from ‘Mr. Mingling,’ the son of a festival producer: ‘I just want to say to the makers of the film, BRAVO!!!, I loved it. It was great film, and well, it got the message to me. This movie, in my opinion, will inspire many more people to try help, maybe not in India, But I think they will try to help others like the sex workers in the movie, or maybe they will try to get help for the children of sex workers, who have to bear the ‘shame’ that the ignorant people say the mothers bring on them, so they can have a positive outlook, I mean, the possibilities are endless, that’s the great part.’ -see his full essay at www.sexworkerfest.com/footsoldiers

Mistress May I?
Gabrielle Ewing
Despite being a very successful dominatrix, Mistress Couple grapples with the fact that her parents cannot accept who she truly is. / 7 minutes / 2015 / us

Born into Porn
Director/Producer Miki Ann Mosman; Editor Corey Michael Smithson
Family Values. Pornography. One would be hard-pressed to find two terms seemingly more at odds, and yet of course many of the people in the adult-film industry are husband and wives, and opt to raise a family. Are these families ‘dysfunctional’ ‘normal,’ or even mundane? How do the career choices of the parents impact the children? Born Into Porn delves into the complex dynamic that exists behind the scenes once the cameras have turned off and the porn stars have gone home. It is not a sensational look at the private lives of these performers, but rather an in-depth exploration of the issues faced by the parents and children, both with each other and the world outside, as well as an examination of 21st century cultural mores in a society where pornography has become both ubiquitous and polarizing.
Director/ Producer Miki Ann Mosman began her career as a journalist. Ultimately her penchant and passion for people the people she encountered, inspired a new career as a filmmaker. Part of her ongoing series, The Sex Puzzle. / 58 minutes / 2014 / US

4:15 PM Despite You, We Endure
Sex work is not a killing offense in most places, but sociopathic moralism and indifferent, neglectful, or outright hostile legal and justice systems guarantee a body count among sex workers. This sacrifice of lives has nothing to do with client violence, and everything to do with the systemic undervaluing of our humanity. The moral narrative of power patriarchy casts us as victims at best, either degraded or inhuman, fit only to be locked in cages, incapable of nurturing any other person or creative effort properly (like, say, a mother would) and labeled homicidal if we fight back for our right to exist free from violence directed toward us. WE say, say what you will about us, cast your shade and sling your dirt; we are everywhere, we are stronger than you imagine, and we will carry on with or without your approval. --LM

Jasmine and Dora 4 Ever
Carol Leigh
In 2012 during the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot met and interviewed sex work activist and mother Petite Jasmine with Pye Jakobsson from Rose Alliance of Sweden. Petite Jasmine was murdered one year later, a victim of the stigmatisation and legal discrimination that sex workers face. Around the same time Dora Özer, a sex worker in Turkey, was also murdered in a rash of escalating transphobia in Turkey. This video chronicles the efforts of the communities of sex workers supporters and allies to memorialize Dora and Jasmine. /13 minutes / 2014 / US

Predatory Prostitute
Juniper Fleming
Juniper Fleming’s short Predatory Prostitute is rooted in the compelling relationships sex workers have, both directly and indirectly, to the legacy of Aileen Wuornos. A fascinating and brave film that uses found footage to invert the common narratives around Aileen, creating an alternative framework by which we can view her actions and ourselves. /25 minutes / 2014/ US

Juniper Fleming is living in New York. She attained her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2014, she was the recipient of a Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Fellowship in 2013 and the Brian Weil Memorial Award in 2014.

Note from Juniper Fleming: The term "predatory prostitute" was coined by John Tanner the Florida state attorney who prosecuted Aileen Wuornos in 1992. A lesbian prostitute sentenced to death six times for seven murders, though she claimed self-defense. The media, the court, and the public condemned Wuornos with vigor. Told how dare she kill in the name of her own life. She refused to be a victim, and it was for that she had to die.

How Police Profile and Shame Sex Workers
Molly Crabapple and Jim Batt at Fusion.net
In May 2013, Monica Jones, a student and LGBT activist at Arizona State University, was arrested for ‘manifesting prostitution.’ Monica said she just accepted an undercover officer's offer of a ride home from her favorite bar. Monica is among the tens of thousands of people arrested every year for prostitution-related offenses. According to the FBI, police arrested over 57,000 people on such charges in 2011. The vast majority were women. / 4 minutes/ 2015 / US

The Making of the Marcia Powell Story
by PJ Starr
Activist and documentary filmmaker PJ Starr explores the death of Marcia Powell and campaign for justice. In 2009 while she was serving an excessively long term of more than two years imprisonment for ‘solicitation of prostitution,’ Marcia Powell was locked in a metal cage in the desert sun at an Arizona prison. Four hours later she collapsed in the over 107 degree heat, and by day’s end she was dead. Our audience is invited to participate in feedback for PJ Starr’s work-in-progress as she investigates the circumstances of Marcia’s death, exposing the system that has lead to the death of scores of others in facilities across Arizona, and documents a movement that has formed seeking justice in her name. 65 minutes / 2015 /US

PJ Starr is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, researcher and advocate for the rights of sex workers, transgender communities, immigrants and people living with mental health concerns. PJ has made a number short of films about the experiences of trans people and people in the sex trade.

6:30 No Justice, No Piece!

The red tide of sex work activism is rising like an eros wave! It will soon wash across the globe entire and deluge us all in the sweet- salty fluids of ecstatic justice! The sum of our ambitions is to work and love in dignity, safely and independently, to be able to earn our living free from the obsessive persecutions of low-minded moralists. This seems to hold true irrespective of country or nationality. Nascent struggles in East and South Africa inspire with their vigor and enthusiasm. Voices raised from Nairobi to Gauteng Province emphasize sex worker response to STD safety and prevention, as well as spinning amusing commentaries on the hypocrisy of otherwise faithful clients who make careers out of condemning sex work as an institution. European supporters of sex work call out criminalisation of workers and clients as the useless, harm-generating policy it has proven to be. Far-and Southeast Asian trans workers reveal themselves in everyday clothes and sensible heels as a formidable presence, hilarious at times, and poetic. The unifying theme all over the world is love of self and love of one another; this is the honeyed adhesive that underpins the most effective activist voices trending, that binds us together in a worldwide web of positivity, moving forward to a better, to a shame and stigma-free, tomorrow. –LM

Sex Workers Are Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

International Committee for the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE)
This video was shot at International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe’s Regional Training on Sex Worker’s Human Rights in Budapest between 17 - 21 October 2014. Sex worker involvement in hiv response programming that targets the sex worker community is absolutely necessary. A compelling mix of evidence based statistics and first person testimonies. /11 minutes / 2014 /UK, Europe

New Jersey Sex Workers Step Out
PJ Starr
Sex Work Activist and documentary filmmaker PJ starr catches on film The New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance (NJRUA) as they take their first steps to defend the rights of sex workers in New Jersey. On October 24, 2014, three representatives tabled at Rutgers University to raise awareness and start organizing for December 17 (the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers).
/ 1 minute / 2014 / US

The Street in Red
Clare Havell (SWOU) and Atieh Attarzadeh
Street in Red is a short documentary which focuses on the laws and social stigmatisation that endanger the lives of sex workers working in the streets in the UK.
5 minutes / 2011 / UK

December 17th Message From a Sex Worker in Turkey
Producer: SineSet Studyo
Camera: Gizem Bayiksel
A beautiful, brave and down to earth Turkish Trans worker takes to the screen in this short, created in honor of December 17th, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers with Krmz S¸emsiye. 1 minute / 2013 / Turkey

Making Sex Work
by Cristina Rad
Cristina Rad and friends take anti-sexwork feminism to task in this charming and concise short. This famous Romanian Atheist vlogger also produces zomgitscriss, a youtube channel / 10 minutes / 2010 / US

A Message of Solidarity
International Committee for the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE)
Sex worker participants of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe’s Regional Training on Sex Workers’ Human Rights send a short but sweet message of unity, self empowerment and self love to fellow workers around the world. / 2 minutes / 2014 / UK, Europe

Director: Stefania Buonajuti
A look into the Dec 17th movement (International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers) and the problems of human rights abuse, stigmatisation, violence, discrimination and access to health that sex workers face in East Africa. It is also a story of courage, freedom, emancipation and hope. / 9 minutes / 2011 / UK, East Africa

Power of the Collective
VAMP is a sex-worker collective (supported by the non-governmental organisation SANGRAM) located in Sangli in the region of Maharashtra, India. It was established in 1996 and is managed and led by sex workers. VAMP began as an HIV prevention project, distributing condoms and educating people in their community about safe sex. 2 minutes /2014 / Sangli, India

Save Us From the Saviours
“Save us from Saviours” is the slogan of the Indian sex worker political action and service collective Veshya Anyay Mukti Parishad (VAMP). VAMP has been providing HIV and development interventions since 1996. In 2011 VAMP decided to commission a film to tell their story; Save us from Saviours is the result. This short film is about more than sex work; it offers a powerful message to the development sector that rights and recognition, rather than rescue and rehabilitation, offer a far more lasting pathway to empowerment and equity. 10 minutes / 2011 /Sangli, India

Director: Michael Liu; Producer: Stijn Deklerck
Queer Comrades
The documentary "Magic" takes you to the daily reality of Dami and Chengcheng, two trans sex workers in Northeast China. One of the first documentaries ever to focus on trans sex workers in China, "Magic" is a funny and moving film that emits a powerful challenge to current societal views on sex, gender, intimate relationships and sex work.

"Magic" is the debut-film of director Michael Liu. He took part in the LGBT Video Capacity Building Training "Queer University" in April 2013, and was one of 2 participants selected to realize a documentary with full support from the Chinese LGBT webcast Queer Comrades. Michael is a PhD graduate student at Northeastern University (China). In 2011, he joined the AIDS Consultation Center in Shenyang and became an active part of China's civil society.

Directors Note:
This is a challenging film. The film challenges current public conceptions of issues related to sex, gender, intimate relationships and sex work. In my hometown in Northeast China, I have a lot of transgender girlfriends. We have a lot of fun together, and sometimes I let their fierceness influence me. High heels, wigs, and eye-shadow can make a male body look more beautiful.
I like sex work, and I admire experienced sex workers. They are super smart and strategic. They look through a person in a glance. They can tell a person's age, identity, profession, and income level within a minute, and adapt their demeanor accordingly. Isn't that magical? /33 minutes / 2015 / China

8:15PM Remedy
by Cheyenne Picardo
Remedy follows A young woman from the underground kink clubs of New York city into the world of commodified BDSM where workers Are Paid to embbody the sexual and psychological fantasies of complete strangers. Remedy quickly realizes that her ‘habitual? submissiveness at home does not prepare her for the pressures risks of this side of the sexual service industry. Should she leave? or should she stay and prove to everyone - including herself - that she can handle it?

Filmmaker Cheyenne Picardo notes: I wanted to add to the conversation of sex work in media By creating A film that was honest without being judgmental, where the viewer never felt disconnected from the main character. I wanted to immerse the viewer in the dungeon space from start to finish, gaining insight only As fast remedy herself gets the information, and No faster. while there is really such thing A ‘typical’ sex worker, does Not fit the common literary media stereotypes; she is neither catsuit- wearing, corseted sexual superhero nor victim of human trafficking. She isn’t desperate. She also works as a private tutor for children and teenagers. Pride gets her into the business, and pride keeps her from leaving. That is all. / 121 minutes / 2014 / US

10:30PM Prostitutes Creative Pursuits
“There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself.” - Diana Vreeland.

The last thing a sex worker is, is lazy. Sex work is WORK, intense, difficult, emotionally and sometimes physically exhausting work. We make something out of nothing - how hard is THAT? When we hustle for survival and to get our basic needs met, we are no less than magical; who else in the world can, starting on Monday, by Friday pull rent for the month, new shoes, nylons, winter coats for the kids AND a week’s worth of groceries out of a week of (episodic!) night work like a car-date hooker can? Who else can manage to put themselves through grad school, keep themselves housed, pay exorbitant stage fees and tip out the bouncers by convincing punters to give them money for the mere fantasy of buying sex like a stripper can? Imagine the strength of will it takes to return to the massage table day after day, smiling and wanking and schmoozing clients who are also human but sometimes intolerably racist, or sexist, or homophobic, or otherwise insensitive or *gasp* small tippers. When we are blessed with better earning days we can buy that most precious of all things: time. Do we use this privilege of time to eat bon bons and watch “Housewives?” Perhaps. And we damn well deserve it if we do! But we also use our dearly bought leisure time to pursue creative endeavors, such as making media, art, rants or religion. This festival could not exist if we did not wear out our knees, our backs, our heels and mattresses to earn that golden space to do the things that nourish our souls. Its a dirty job, but when its good we dearly wish everybody could have it this good! So hey, vanilla... listen to us tell our stories! You might learn something.

Trouble Films Trailers:
Fucking Mystic & Lesbian Curves

Courtney Trouble
Mutli-award winning Courtney Trouble presents sex-positive, embodied pornographic films representing the diversity of desire.. Trouble films focuses on the creative involvement of feminist, queer, and otherwise progressive-thinking porn making. A local treasure! 3 minutes /2014 / San Francisco

Documentary of a Peep Show Girl
SunShine McWane
The inimitable Sunshine McWaine is Crayola the peepshow girl! Catch her hard at work in her tiny booth, dishing on the job commentary up dirty and at times deliciously catty; she takes no disrespect and tells it like it is. Don’t look ‘less ya wanna see!
SunShine McWane is an alumni employee of both the Seattle Lusty Lady and the San Francisco Lusty Lady. She's the only Lusty that worked at both Lusty Ladies when they closed which is the saddest thing she has ever been proud of. She also worked in the peepshow in the bottom of Deja Vu in downtown Seattle for 2 years after the Seattle Lusty closed. She graduated UW in Seattle with a BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts in 2009. Butt as we all know a BA in Art is more like a BS degree. She likes to work on creative and comical projects such as this! She is currently a English teacher in Japan. /5 minutes / 2011/ US

Philip Deal’s Video Sex Journal Fleshlight Demonstrations
Joseph Kramer
Philip Deal: erotic yogi; experienced yoga teacher; Reiki Master; and student of massage, modern meridian theory, shiatsu and reflexology. In this excerpt from his extensive video journals Philip demonstrates different practices and positions for thrusting using a Fleshlight device. 8 minutes/2014 /US

Small Talk
Writer/Director: Nicole Witte Solomon; Producer: Chih-Hsin Lee , Flavio Alves; Director of Photography: Jeanette Sears
Meet Al. Al does phone sex with a little bit of temp work on the side to pay the bills, just a single girl trying to make ends meet in the big city, right? Well think again, and watch things get complicated, when Al manifests an extraordinary new power!
Nicole Witte Solomon is a writer and filmmaker located in Brooklyn. She has written for HEEB, XOJane, Mommyish, $pread, Tits and Sass and New York Magazine, among others. She has directed videos for musical artists such as The Shondes and Martin Bisi, and often partners with social justice organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice on film projects. Her short film Small Talk is currently screening at festivals around the world and is the first film to win a Golden Kleene award at the Arse Elektronika Festival on Sex and Tech (2014). / 24 minutes / 2013 / US

Ecosexual Feast
Lola Clavo, Carol Leigh, and Joseph Kramer
Ecosexiality can be loosely defined as an expression of sexuality inspired by nature, as a part of nature, or actually having sex with nature (natural products, toys, sunshine, water, etc.), a dating preference (ecosexuals only dating other ecosexuals), and or the belief that sex is natural and that all orientations and preferences are valid and part of the vast erotic landscape of the complex human being. This short film by Joe Kramer, Lola Clavo and festival goddess Carol Leigh envisions loving delicious daikon, zucchini, and bananas as more of an erotic than a culinary endeavor! 2 minutes / 2011 / Oakland, UK

Beautiful Monotony
Zahra Stardust
Bringing joy is just another day on the job for friendly flexible professional dancer and sex worker activist Zahra. Ordinary magic, for tips! 17 minutes / 2012 / AustraliaDirectors Note:
Beautiful Monotony reflects the intimate encounters shared between workers and customers within the privacy of a lap dance room. The film positions sex work as work, depicting the repetitive and monotonous aspects of erotic labour. The performer executes the same tricks, variations and combinations over and over in a way that becomes routine, formulaic and familiar to the viewer, whilst doing everyday activities – stretching muscles, taping up boots, changing tampons, eating dinner, texting.

However the footage also reflects diverse customers, who are shy, awkward, poised, raucous and (welcomingly) sleazy. The dancer signs magazines, swaps shoes, compares muscles, shares skills and has arm wrestles – whilst accepting phone numbers, giggling and descending into hot pash-fests. In this sense, the lap dance room is situated as a unique space that fosters intimacies between strangers, and the sex industry positioned as a place in which feminist practices and queer desires manifest.
The film is a piece of endurance art – it was filmed in one cut over a period of three hours, and portrays erotic labour as specifically skilled work. The stamina, flexibility and strength involved are obvious, as well as moments of negotiation, discussion and emotional labour.

The film aims to problematise divides between what is considered performative and authentic, real and fake, pleasure and work – currently the subject of discussions around what constitutes feminist pornography. The dancer’s work is clearly work, but she also derives ‘real’ sexual pleasure from the experience, as evidenced by the final masturbation scene. She exists within a certain time/place/persona, but she is also ‘real’ – up close and personal, customers can her scars, smell her sweat and hear her voice.

In a context in which the sex industry continues to be stigmatised and scapegoated, Beautiful Monotony aims to reflect that the sex industry, for many queers and feminists, workers and clients alike, has been a place of learning, solidarity, belonging, identity – and also a place of refuge.

Sex Work and College Students
The OK Project
Director: Dailey; Writer, Producer: Yasmine X
The pressures of relentlessly rising tuitions take a toll on the relationships and shape the choices of two university students in this affecting short. ‘It is reported that even in the most primitive societies there was transactional sex,’ states the director. / 9 minutes / 2015 / San Francisco

Behind the Cow
Producer, Director, Art designer: Sion Shankel; Scary Cow Productions, San Francisco
Filmmaker Sion Shankel is a member of this indie film co-op focused on helping its members network with filmmakers, make films together, provide budget, screen movies at theatres. This short is tongue-in-cheek intro testament to Shankel’s bold style and creativity. Sion was a sex worker from 1987-2013. A sex positive feminist filmmaker, she uses those work experiences to inform all of her film work And lives out loud shamelessly about her long work history. She owns NatterCast which podcasts several TV show and films. She reviews film through the lens of a sex worker and has done at 100 episode special about her work. / 10 minutes / 2012 / San Francisco

Don’t Pray for Us
AJ Dirtystein
AJ Dirtystein’s dreamlike work-in-progress is a visually sensual reinterpretation of pagan ritual and faerie tales in which wishes are granted to the faithful and the humble. Watch a pale, perky tattooed priestess dance the sacred circle in toe slippers and not much else; she performs a literary tinged blood sacrifice with her stapler that gives her the power to make all her friends’ dreams come true. / 22 minutes / 2014 / FranceAJ Dirtystein’s Note: "Don't Pray for us" is a tribute to the unknown, a search for self and the world by destroying the barriers of the unconscious and of the consciousness but also the destruction of geographical boundaries. Thus, by restoring a sexual tinge to the sacred ritual and by making of the pagan ritual, a place of higher individual power output, this video performance throws into question the boundaries between the personal and the collective by the transmission and "Participation mystique" (in a Jungian sense ) in the performative act. The artistic action works through the transfer, that is to say, in a way different than the authority of rhetoric; and nobody, facing a given story, a tale, an action or a work of art, is passive: that's via the look that passes the relationship to another, but also by the pictures what can convey our unconscious. These latter interact with each other, making the dream, the thinking, the fantasy, the elsewheres that shape our imagination and redefine the limits of our present, when these are pushed to be realized and assumed. What could be more beautiful than a body that reveals to the world nor as a foreign for oneself, nor as stranger for others?

AJ Dirtystein is a visual artist, performer, sex worker and holds a Ph.D. in Literature. Her questionings about the representation, incarnation and transgression of the female body through performance art, articulate a poetic aesthetic which leads furthermore to many political questions. Photography, video, art performance and paintings suggest that flesh should be questioned before the body, the underground world of the psyche before reality and individual power before any notion of authority. Between the sublime and the abject, this alt-world shared "here and now" also refers to the pagan ritual where the mental arena becomes tangible and allows us to converse with our collective subconscious. Its forgotten archetypes push physical and psychic boundaries, and so upset the over-compartmentalized representations of femininity. Witch, female-wolf, whore, bitch or mythical goddess... The archetypal female reverses the Judeo-Christian values and strikes the unconscious with a radical message that advocates individual and carnal freedom, love and plurality of sexuality, reminding us too that death is always present... Her thesis was on "Performing the wild woman, between she-dog and she-wolf. The path of a Virginie Despentes and Clarissa Pinkola Estés reader". It's a study of the performance as an experimental and sacrificial testimony in artistic creation.

Director/Producer/Writer: Pavini Moray; Editor: Carol Leigh
"Holy Mother I'd Like to Fuck" celebrates magick, sexuality and the Earth. The film documents an Ecosexual ritual held in the wilds of Cascadia, invoking the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. Capturing on film diverse bodies and expressions of gender and sexuality as well as exquisite natural settings, Holy MILF will expand your erotic landscape.
San Francisco based writer, teacher and somatic sex coach Pavini Moray helps queer, gender-fabulous and fat clients claim their desire and live their full erotic potential. When not blogging about sex and intimacy at www.emancipatingsexuality.com, Pavini can be found putting on glitter and dreaming up pleasure revolutions. This is their first film. 30 minutes / 2015 / San Francisco

Additional Movie Venues:

On May 20th at the Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck, Oakland we will be screening the following work in conjunction with an evening of discussions:

Sex Work IS NOT Trafficking

Becky’s Journey
Sine Plambech
24 min. 2014, Denmark
Beautiful Becky has attempted to travel from Benin, Nigeria twice, and voluntarily. She braves rape and starvation to cross closed borders in search of a better life as a sex worker in Italy. The film is about migration, sex work and human trafficking seen from the perspective of Becky. Becky tells her story in her own words, a fascinating alternative take on migration for the purposes of sex work that is never heard in the mainstream press.

Being a Refugee is Hard
Muchaneta with SWEAT

This first person short is one of four stories of the lives of sex workers that came out of a four day workshop held by Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force in Johannesburg. Widowed Muchaneta is a refugee of the economy of her home country, where working as a secretary she still cannot earn enough to feed her children. She migrates to South Africa in hardship and learns how to make ends meet. 3 minutes / 2010 / South Africa

Anne Elizabeth Moore & Melissa Mendes
2014, US
Images from the illustrated story: “The threads that connect the sex industry to the garment industry are many... But if you look closely you can figure out how to unravel them”

Collateral Damage: Sex Workers & The Anti-Trafficking Campaigns

Carol Leigh
Anti-trafficking is a sacred cow, but behind this humanitarian concern is a century-old movement that historically reflects xenophobia and prostitution abolitionism. Clips from the work-in-progress. 8 min. / 2015/ San Francisco

Doin’ It for Themselves: The Hunt Sisters
Feminist Whore 10:33 minutes, 2011, US
Extremely informative rant about two sisters, female scions of the uber-conservative and filthy rich Hunt family. Helen and Swanee Hunt have conservative Christian values, and more money than any ten million of us will earn in our little lifetimes… all of which they use to advance their agenda regarding the silencing and general disenfranchisement of sex workers. Spoiler alert!!: The revolution will NEVER be funded through the many foundations these two own. -LM

On May 18th we will be screening the following work in conjunction with our

Sex Worker Audience Forum: Sex Workers in Cinema

Whores on Film
Juliana Piccillo
This segment is from a work-in-progress documentary that explores the representation of sex workers in American Cinema. /5 minutes/ 2015 / US

Fists are for Fucking, not Fighting: An Open Letter to my Lovers and Mentors
Zahra Stardust and Ms Naughty
Activist Zahra shares how she has evolved as a performer, as a lover, and as an activist through ‘transgressive’ sex, queer feminist theory, and the sex worker rights movement. Strikingly visual (she’s a squirter!!). -LM /11 minutes / 2014 / Australia

A raw, open and erotic exploration of the highs and lows of living and breathing sex work politics. This film is a celebration and tribute to the communities, lovers and work that keep us fierce, strong and unapologetic, plus a window into the moments where political advocacy leaves us burnt out and vulnerable. Self-care, served with a side of masturbation and squirting.

Zahra Stardust is the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards Heart Throb of the year, 2014 Adult Industry Awards Best Porn Actress and 2012 Eros Shine Awards Best Adult Star. She is an Australian Penthouse Pet and PhD candidate, writing her dissertation on the legal regulation of pornography. Her films combine art, porn and politics and have screened at festivals around the world. She loves fisting, body fluids and intimate encounters with strangers.

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Intersectionality and the Mission of the Sex Worker Fest

The Sex Worker Fest is anti race, class, gender, age, ability, size and sexual identity oppression. We strive to increase the involvement of politically underrepresented sex worker communities such as trans folk, street based workers, workers of color and workers who transcend the racist, sexist, heterosexist, white-supremacist norms and standards of mainstream beauty.We push the margins of the movement into the center, working to shift paradigms in joint struggle, we cultivate leadership of sex workers that are marginalized within the sex workers movement. We highlight the artistic endeavors of workers in all aspects of the sex industry because whore culture is real, present and on a corner, in a bar, in a hotel or in a bedroom community near YOU.