Volunteering in Advance and During Festival Week
Scroll down for instructions!

Thanks for volunteering for our festival!

We need lots of help, and we offer free entries to many events to our volunteers.

We need help in advance, with many jobs that you can do from anywhere. These are some of the tasks:

• distributing flyers
• email campaigns and getting the word out on the web in general
• artist liason and housing
• photographers, graphic artists
• finding sponsors and even movies (by googling-easy and fun!)

We need articles/blogs written and more! If you have expertise in outreach to sex workers in San Francisco, let us know!

* Ongoing: There is a form for volunteer efforts . Please copy it and email your answers to us.
* Later this year:
Click here to view times on our volunteer spread sheet (available in the spring)

Plus be sure to also email us your phone and email to sexworkerfest@gmail.com

Please join our Yahoo swfest group for updates and email us at sexworkerfest(at)gmail.com

We also need ushers for the Roxie, so you can also watch the movies, as well as set up/clean up crews for various events.

The 'In-Progress' calendar for the week will be posted here soon.

Check out the details of how you can help with the web promo campaign here:


We need healers, cosmetologists and other creative service providers for Whores Bath.We will be updating this.

Thanks again! We love you!