Sex Workers Against the Tide

This short video by SZEXE is one of many excellent documentaries by this Hungarian sex worker organization. This has focused on media production and develops sophisticated and effective movies, screening regularly at the Bay Area Sex Worker Fest.

from their YouTube page:

Fearing the consequences they wouldn’t come out as sex workers, so they marched covering their faces with red umbrellas on the 15th anniversary demonstration of Association of Hungarian Sex Workers. Ágnes Földi, chairwoman of SZEXE sayes they sense no progress made in 15 years.

Boglárka Fedorkó, Communications Officer of SZEXE talked about the personal tragedies they have witnessed, and asked local advocates and feminists, to avoid confronting the sex workers’ advocates, but rahter establish exit programs for those sex workers who may wish to quit this scene.

Maria Morozova is the Communications Officer of Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network SWAN, an Eastern Europe and Middle Asia focused umbrella organisation. Morozova sayed they know of cases when sex workers were robbed or raped, turned to the authorities and were denied help, because the police blamed them for having chosen this occupation.

Staca Plecas, executive director of SWAN states this is not local, but a regional, or even a global problem, that sex workers are being excluded, their activity is not acknowledged as work and are facing a lot of violence and legal offences.

Dr. Klaudia Makó, SZEXE’s lawyer sayes they know of manier cases in which sex workers spend years on prison for legal offences that are caused entirely by the inappropriate legal framework.

More information of Association of Hungarian Sex Workers:

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