Sunday, May 24th 2015

Whores Bath & Clothing Swap
Closing Night Party for the 9th Biennial San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Art Festival
Current or Former Sex Worker Only Space

A day of self-care, spa treatments, and magical healing for sex workers
presented in conjunction with
the Sex Worker Fest

Sliding Scale $0-150

This location is ADA accessible. Childcare, translation and signing services are available upon advance request. We also ask you to assist us in making this a scent free environment (see Please email to request these or other options and for details/support about accessibility. 


The San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Art Festival presents "Whores' Bath," a spa and healing event where sex workers from all of our communities can be pampered, pamper each other, and reclaim our role as healers. Our closing event, Whore's Bath will feature practitioners from various healing modalities from herbal treatments to massage to reiki, acupuncture and more, as well as tarot readers,  food, and our own inflatable hot tub!

"Whores' Bath," was created by festival director, Erica Elena and is supported by numerous sex workers and healers from the Bay Area.

Space is limited, and reservations will also be offered through health service outreach agencies. If you are a program director or a practitioner volunteering your services, please contact us call/text at (coming soon) or email sexworkerfest(at) and we will enlist your services or arrange transportation for those who use services at your agency.


"Whores Bath" contributes to the 21st Century lexicon with a new entry in the Urban Dictionary

Whores Bath (old dictionary definition): The gentle dampening of a rag when one must cleanse oneself to use on vaginal area, usually between fuckin's.

Whores Bath (new urban dictionary definition): A day of self-care, spa treatments, and magical healing for current and former sex workers.