Sex Worker Movie Screenings, Festivals & Resources

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San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival

Our home festival has curated over 300 movies, listed in these pages. In addition, the Sex Worker Fest has presented workshops, theatrical events, panels and much more since 1999. Curator Laure McElroy has served as curator since 2011, and has viewed most of the work here and a wide selection of sex worker movies.  Contact the SF Bay Area Sex Worker Fest for further information and curating assistance.

Sex Worker Open University
from their website: Sex Worker Open University is a project created by and for sex workers. You might be working as an escort, rent boy, porn actress/actor, professional dominatrix or submissive, cam model, erotic masseuse, sexual healer or street worker; this is a place to socialise, learn new skills, and create events together. Our aim is to empower our community through workshops, debates, actions and art project as well as fighting against our criminalisation.​

Asian Pacific Network of Sex Workers
APNSW on YouTube

Red Umbrella Diaries
Red Umbrella Project

Festival of Sex Work curated by Vixen Collective Melbourne .
Schedule for Festival of Sex Work August 2015
Call for submissions August 2015 here.

Copenhagen Sex Worker Film Festival runs yearly since 2013, curated by Steen Shapiro, with presentations from the Danish sex worker rights organization, SIO. 

Not Your Rescue Project screens programs at conferences and beyond. Ongoing collaboration between PJ Starr, Anna Saini and many more “showcasing the very best short films from around the world celebrating sex worker rights.”

Sex Worker’s Film’s Database offers an is an ongoing collection and discussion about sex worker movies. Contact us for more information about this resource.