Labor of Sexual Economics

446 Valencia Street 2 pm-07:00 PM
San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival
(Sunday - May 21th, 2023)

02:00 PM
The Warm Up
Emily Guglieti
(2:49- 2022)
Real footage of 3 dancers at a strip club in Salt Lake City. A brief and comic peek behind the everyday in the industry, sped up with captions added. The director loves the idea of sharing perspectives from sex work entertainers even if it's short and sweet.
Dominatriz del Barrio, Xandra Ibarra & Leo Chiang
(3:19- 2014)
"Ibarra as Chica Boom performs hundreds of live “spictacles”over 10 years. Presenting the embodied racial and sexual abjection and directly engaged the politics of racialized sexuality to discover queer forms of pleasure.
The Audition
Chelsey Morgan
At her first audition for a strip club, a young feminist meets three veteran dancers and discovers she has a lot to learn about what it means to choose to step out on that stage.
Sugar Baby
Sophia Conger & Rebecca Dearden
(21:23 - 2022)
TV/Web Series: A financially desperate young actress in New York engages in mutually beneficial relationships ultimately making her question how far she will go to get what she wants.
Goddess Ckiara's Temple
Ckiara Rose, Daemon Derriere
(27:29 - 2023)
When Gabriel, a member of a SWERF (sex-worker exclusionary radical feminist) "savior society," poses as a client for a Pro Domme session with Goddess Ckiara, in order to "save" her from the sex industry, his mission does not go as planned. Instead, Goddess Ckiara ends up schooling him on his errant and disrespectful ways, in the most punishing and humiliating of manners. In the face of this punishment, will Gabriel end up repenting from his misguided SWERF allegiance, and convert towards Service to the Goddess?
Justine Méry
(10:22 - 2021)
Amar tries to deconstruct the current stereotypes about her profession. Filmmakers situate the pandemic as an opportunity to illuminate the dysfunction of current legislation and penalization.
Fuck My Life
Xandra Ibarra & Rob Fatal
(3:40 - 2018, Canada)
This short titled "Fuck My Life," named after Ibarra’s full-length performance work of the same name, follows a sordid and fatigued showgirl as she sluggishly awakes to make up with yet another day.
A Real Jobr
Lawrence Essex
(10:22 - 2021)
Eva Ray presents a personal viewpoint on the weight of stigma. Grappling with thoughts on the discrimination she faces, and the challenges of her work, this film serves as a stylistic exploration of the lived experiences of sex workers and some broader issues surrounding their profession.
Modern Whore
Andrea Werhun & Nicole Bazuin
(11:39 - 2020)
Former escort Andrea Werhun shares the ins and outs of escort review board culture to expose deeper complexities of sexual power and social stigma in a post #metoo world. Based on the book authored by the filmmakers.
Ya Estuvo
Xandra Ibarra
(01:03 - 2016)
The entitled Mexican slang phrase's rough translation lends to the ongoing claim to an end that never arrives. Marked by the bouncing body and clicking heels signaling the repetitive marking of time and the affective labor bound up in racialized femininities.
Maclaine Lowery & June Shaukat
(11:39 - 2021 )
Every day, workers persist in controversial existence because they must. Should they hide their experiences that appear regressive against their will? Is it better to falsify the relationship between sex work and violence ? STILETTO answers no.


4:00 PM
'A Visual History of Puta Life' slideshow presentation

Juana Maria Rogriguez
In a discussion of her new book Puta Life, Seeing Latinas, Working Sex, Juana María Rodríguez presents a visual history of sexual labor from the earliest daguerreotypes to Google Maps street view. She looks at the role of sex workers as models in fine art, as the subjects of criminal photography, as the racialized Other in colonial ethnography, as the ever-present subjects of street photography, as well as in porn and popular culture. Through an array of images, this presentation helps us think about the role of visuality in shaping our ideas about sexual labor.

5:00 PM
Last Night in a Strip Club

Nicole Bazuzin
(11:41- 2020)
Toronto stripper Andrea Werhun was ousted from her club by the COVID-19 lockdown. Now, she's taking business online as a muse for lonely men while struggling to realize her own creative ambitions.
Distance Sex Work in the Pandemic

 A team of current and former sex workers come together to tell the story of how their community has survived the COVID-19 pandemic.