Festival Fans and Supporters!


We hope that you would consider joining the San Francisco Sex Worker Fest as one of the commercial sponsors, as a vendor at our many events and/or as an advertiser in our festival program. The SF Bay AreaSex Worker Film and Arts Festival has been part of Bay Area and sex worker culture since 1999. We have a devoted following in the Bay Area, across the US and internationally on this web site!

This would be a great chance for you to increase visibility amongst our audience and we would very much appreciate your support for this project! Please visit our website at http://www.sexworkerfest.com to learn more about our Festival.


If you want a quick linke to donate, you can make paypal donations here:

We also have non-profit fiscal sponsorship and we seek tax-deductible donations for our projects. We also appreciate any size tax deductible donations, so please consider that as well. Please email us at sexworkerfest@gmail.com for more information.

Commercial Sponsorships

We have various plans for commercial sponsors.We offer you our love and gratitute, PLUS we will include your logo on our website, in our program and in our promotional materials. We also offer free tickets to an event of your choice at the 'Introductory' level, and a festival pass for 'Star' donors. We will also place an ad for your business at a discounted rate in our program and we will have tabling opportunities during this week at reduced rates as well. We tailor our sponsorship arrangements to the needs of sponsors, and we look forward to talking to you about the ways we can work together.

The Festival will take place in May at various venues throughout the Bay Area. The Roaming Hookerfest takes place the week prior to the Festival, when we take our movies to agencies around the city. Artists, filmmakers, musicians and sponsors will be announced, but below is some preliminary info. For updates, check back here on the Sex Worker Fest web site!

Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival Commercial / Business Sponsorship

You Receive:

  • Complimentary pass to the event of your choice for 'Introductory' donors or All Events Passes for 'Star' donors
  • 25% off advertising and vendor tables
  • Your logo as a sponsor in our program and on our website
  • We will place your brochures on a sponsor table for our guests

Sponsorship Financial Suggestions:

Sponsorships are available on a sliding scale basis with the chart below as a guideline. We also appreciate 'in kind' donations if that works better for your project. We have many different arrangements with businesses, media outlets and non-profits and we like to find an arrangement that suits your needs.

These plans and prices are for commercial enterprises only.

Project Category Budget Suggested Support
Sole Proprietorships

Small Businesses
Large Businesses

Budget under 10,000

Budgets under $300,000
Budgets over $300,000
Budgets over $500,000

Sliding Scale-$100-?
Contact us for info

Vendors (25% off prices below for sponsors):

  • Table space during events
  • Individual tabling opportunities for specific events at various fees
  • Reserve your space by phone or email ssexworkerfest@gmail.com

Advertisers in our program (25% off prices below fo sponsors):

  • $150 for the smallest size (business card size) and we can create an ad from your business card
  • $300 for a half page ad (approx) 8" x 5" or 4 x 10
  • $500 for a full page (approx) 7.5 x 9.5"

Additional pricing for other sizes and special placements.

  • Reserve your space by phone 415-751-1659 or email sexworkerfest@gmail.com
  • Our next reservation deadline for advertisers, vendors and sponsors is April 25th, but we have extended deadlines. Art deadlines later.
Click to see pdfs of past programs

(The format for our festival program varies each year. 2017 we will produce large booklets, 8.5" x 11")

There are many specific arrangements we make with sponsors so we will be eager to talk to you. We would be pleased to have your support and would very much appreciate being able to list you as one of our sponsors, merchants and advertisers.

Carol Leigh