Sex Worker Soliloquies
presented by Sangria Red featuring

Mariko Passion
The Incredible Edible Akynos

Cinnamon Maxxine
& Sangria Red

Sex Worker Soliloquies is an ensemble work based on solo performances presented by performing artist and instructor Sangria Red and starring Cinnamon Maxxine, The Incredible, Edible Akynos and Mariko Passion.

Participating artists are well known virtuosos in this genre of performance work, offering diverse approaches ranging from burlesque to classic performance art. Join us for this rare experimental and classic evening of theater.

This event is presented in conjunction with Sangria Red's Sex Workers Solo Performance Workshop. Check out Sangria Red's Solo Workshop to enroll and for more information.

Notes from director:

One of the multi-layered goals of performance art is to dismantle or in the very least break barriers for the moment on stage. Alone performance is to entertain; art is to change or, transform.

In thinking about sex workers and performance art the audience gets to challenge their formal introduction to their own their bodies and sexual orientation in family, culture and religion. And, if not challenge, to embrace one's own self, in the story of another.

If not for her
Could not speak,
But for
Teeth made of another's story
No matter wore on neck
Called pearls
If not for
He, she, did
It was wore
On the neck
Called pearls
Teeth chattered
When the executioner
Sewed by a mother's needle
By candle light
If not for
She he
He, she did speak
Even without teeth
Or pearls
Or mothers
Or candle
Or hidden under a mask

As the director of this night's performance the goal is to develop the voice of each performer, inter-connecting their story into the collective narrative for the evening.

When I work as both a performance artist and director the strongest advice I give to students is trust your intuition. If I say more about my process it would sound like magic and in this case Black Magic. See you at the show.


Sangria Red

More About the Performers

Sangria Red

Sangria Red is a performer, writer and teacher, sharing the principles of her own unique form of performance based on the techniques of musical improvisation. A skilled and charismatic performer, critics rave about her mesmerizing performances. She has performed locally and internationally as a solo performance artist, a stand up comedian and a singer, and has hosted a Bay Area radio show for many years.

Sangria Red also offers private and group instruction in performance development, as well as personal growth and motivational counseling. She has been on the faculty of several local colleges, holding an MA and an MFA. Her combination of both theatrical and life experience offers a unique learning opportunity for sex workers in our communities.

Cinnamon Maxxine

Cinnamon Maxxine is a Bay Area original. Born and raised in Oakland, Cinnamon Maxxine is determined to be an advocate for those who are typically left under-represented. From people of color to people of size to people with invisible disabilities and trauma. Cinnamon Maxxine seeks to give those communities a voice.

the goddess Mariko Passion

Formerly known as "The Educated Whore and Urban Geisha" Mariko Passion rose into being a "Sacred Whore Evolutionary" to identifying as 'the goddess' upon beginning a spiritual path that included Tantric teachings, meditation, coaching and honoring the goddess within. the goddess does not see herself through a lens of female supremacy but believes that all humans as well as the Divine have feminine and masculine energy that shifts within our movements and actions constantly. She constantly manifests her creation energy through her teaching of Tantric practices to her clients, during ritual performances, singing and playing the guitar and creation of visual artifacts (facebook.com/asianprincessartifacts), and youtube documentary videos.

She currently studies acting technique in Los Angeles (Casa 0101 theater and jeffreyfox.com) and has produced musical showcases and two solo theater shows in 2012, 2014. She performed/produced solo and group musical and theatrical shows in the 2014 Hollywood Fringe festival and was a featured solo performer at a group feminist show titled "Milk and Night" at Gallery Sensei in Manhattan in 2014.

She has worked closely in several ecosexual projects with Annie Sprinkle, performing in several Love Art Laboratory weddings and has been a featured performer and co-producer of various music and visual art events in The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts festivals (2007-2015). She coined the term 'Love Work' to assert to both sex workers and non sex workers the importance of acknowledging professionals whose primary job it is to offer love, care and compassion, life awakening, healing and transformation to their clients versus physical sexual satisfaction. the goddess works as a Tantra teacher to private clients and groups in Los Angeles.

The Incredible Edible Akynos

The Incredible Edible Akynos is a international burlesque performer and curator. She has headlined in shows from Canada to Ohio, and has produced shows in both New York and the Caribbean. Also a sex worker activist, she has been performing burlesque since 2007. Her burlesque is both sultry and pop video inspired to keep audiences dancing, intrigued and enticed.

More about Sangria Red's
Sex Worker Solo Performance Workshop
May 19th - 20th from 1-4 PM

In this short workshop series, Sangria will be tailoring her emphasis to your work and process. Included in her wider performance workshop curriculum is: research and development of characters for narrative and stage; personal growth, goal setting and facing the inner challenges that stand in our way; and transformation through stories, guided by the inner voice, the voice without criticism.

We ask you to email to Sangria in advance to let us know you want to attend and tell us about your interests. For further info, location: sugars982@gmail.com .

Free Performance Workshop with Sangria Red!
Tuesday & Wednesday, May 19th & 20th
1-4 PM (enroll for location info)

Workshop for
Sex worker's interested in writing,
acting and solo performance

Many of your are seasoned entertainer(s) performers.
This workshop is for the story behind the story.
If you are a singer with a song for the show, or movement artist to a music,
this show will extract and create a mini story (character) to set up another dimension of your work

Tools You Will Learn:

Writing for Performance
Character Development

A Sex Dream, YES!
Master of ur bation

with Sangria Red
First, email: sugars982@gmail.com for
info and to sign up. Then, save your spot here:

Free Workshop.
Donations to this project are also appreciated. Support sex worker artists and culture.

Even if you are not attending, please consider supporting this free workshop and please visit our donation site to support this and other free events. Funds will be used to offer stipends to artists, teachers, presenters and producers. We appreciate donations very very much. large or small, just to let us know we have your support.


Intersectionality and the Mission of the Sex Worker Fest

The Sex Worker Fest is anti race, class, gender, age, ability, size and sexual identity oppression. We strive to increase the involvement of politically underrepresented sex worker communities such as trans folk, street based workers, workers of color and workers who transcend the racist, sexist, heterosexist, white-supremacist norms and standards of mainstream beauty.We push the margins of the movement into the center, working to shift paradigms in joint struggle, we cultivate leadership of sex workers that are marginalized within the sex workers movement. We highlight the artistic endeavors of workers in all aspects of the sex industry because whore culture is real, present and on a corner, in a bar, in a hotel or in a bedroom community near YOU.