Blossom In Midnight 一夜云泥

The film is about a women from rural area and works in a small restaurant as cleaner with very low pay. As she has to support her family (mother and daughter), she has no money for herself for better makeup or dress up. She has low esteem. She later was fired by the boss. Because of no money and no home, she go to the massage parlor and works there a sex worker. It happens that the first customer is the chef of previous restaurant. She has admired him for a while. In this first sex exchange, she is well satisfied both emotionally as well as economically. She starts sex work this way and becomes more confident.
The star of this movie honored the Sex Worker Festival with a visit in 2017. She was an inspiring woman and brought a brilliant discourse about the meaning of this movie, speaking at venues during the festival. She performed in a theater piece in conjunction with Jovelyn Richards’ workshop, and generously shared stories from her life as an activist in China. We learned a great deal from Lan lan and look forward to more work from her.

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