DASPU – Putas Pret a Porter- English subtitles

DASPU (of the whores) is a clothing line and political catwalk that uses joy and irony to challenge the stigma surrounding putas and break standards of beauty, sexuality, gender and sex. Gabriela Leite created DASPU in 2005, continuing her decades of activism in Brazil. She founded the sex worker movement with Lourdes Barreto in 1987, after organizing for years against police violence and the country’s military dictatorship. The movement expanded over the following years to include dozens of sex worker rights organizations throughout Brazil. Since its founding, DASPU has grown into a cultural and artistic movement that brings the sex worker movement together with other movements, such as collectives for trans rights, in powerful performances that evoke resistance and sensuality.

Mestiere Cinema Documentary tells the story of Daspu’s creation and its repercussion on fashion and catwalks, featuring Gabriela Leite and three women from Davida. Davida is one of the first organizations in the fight for sex worker rights and against the whore stigma.

With Gabriela Leite, Jane Eloy, Val and Maria. The film shows how the catwalk has become a platform for the struggles of the sex worker, feminist and LGBT+ movements.

Directed by Valentina Monti Director of Photography Alessio Valori Editing Matteo Spigariol Editing Supervisor Tomas De Marchi Produced by Guido Cerasuolo, Mestiere Cinema 

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