December 17th, Kırmızı Şemsiye, Turkey

17 December International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

A beautiful, brave and down to earth Turkish Trans worker takes to the screen in this short, created in honor of December 17th, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers with Kırmızı Şemsiye. 1 minute / 2013 / Turkey

Yapım/Production: SineSet Stüdyo
Çekim/Shooting: Gizem Bayıksel
Kurgu/Editing: Göktan Göktaş, Gizem Bayıksel
Ses Tasarım/Sound Design: Bilge Miraç Atıcı
Oyuncu/Cast: Destina
Teşekkürler/Thanks: Kemal Ördek, Belgin Çelik, İbrahim Sena Kandazoğlu

Note: Just after the screening of this work, the leader of this organization was brutally attacked! Please read the following to know more. You can also follow him here:

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