“En El Fuego” In The Fire (Excerpt)

by Dante Alencastre
Short sample of the documentary film about the transgender community in Lima Peru by Dante Alencastre. The film documents individuals emerging from invisibility to claim their humanity and citizenship in the hostile, but evolving Peruvian political culture. Inspiring stories about the interaction of personal and political transformation.
Peruvian trans women are literally thrown to the dogs by police in a “Roman circus” of violence. Despite the danger of living openly in a conservative, corrupt country, these Peruvians prosper and persevere. They earn advanced degrees, work with children and stand up for themselves, effecting a change in the status quo for their LGBT community. Transgendered sexworkers, activists and allies in Lima, Peru relate their stories and common struggles in the first person in this moving film. Screened widely at Festivals around the globe. (US/Peru, 35 min.- 2007)

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