This is How New Legislation Puts Sex Workers in Danger

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Ashley Velez, The Root featuring Ceyenne Doroshow/Akynos/Mona Marie
(8:43-2018, US)
An important discussion amongst Black sex worker artist/activists Ceyenne Doroshow/Akynos/Mona Marie on the occaision of JezeRoot’s Women’s History Month.  This slick, brilliant and emotional interview-style video describes the impact of FOSTA SESTA. This video is essential watching for students, activists and the general public.
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Note from the Director: “For this video, it was crucial for us to hear from Black women specifically. We wanted to prioritize their voices when discussing the challenges they face as sex workers in a country that constantly criminalizes being Black every day, and how that identity is even further criminalized as a sex worker. Since these challenges also look different for cisgender and transgender women, having those perspectives in this piece was also critical, along with having representation from sex workers across the spectrum of professions. I’m so thankful for the women who so fearlessly shared their stories and who also challenged one another throughout the discussion. As a storyteller, we need to continue to do the work and make sure that conversations like these are not taboo, but a part of our media fabric so that we do not continue to perpetuate marginalization.”

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