Mother’s Mink

Animated comedy starring famous prostitute, Carol Leigh (also known as Scarlot Harlot) and her mom, about Leigh’s efforts to obtain respectability as an artist, and to secure funding for a video about her mother’s mink. In a parallel tale, Leigh’s mom (and co-star) Augusta reminisces about how she “saved and suffered” to buy a mink stole to impress her mother.

Is this movie about the Harlot’s favorite subject, sex work? Judge for yourself! Featured at American Film Institute’s National Video Festival, the Jewish Video Festival (winning Honorable Mention), Video In’s Jewish Film Fest in Vancouver, the Mill Valley Film Festival and Syracuse University’s Matrilineage Festival. Director’s Citation award at Black Maria Film Festival, and Second place for non-fiction at the American Film Institute’s SONY Visions of U.S. Video Contest. (2004-15 min.)

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