On Transparency in Activism: Why Being Anti-Craigslist is Anti-Justice

by Maymay
While purported rights groups and activists like Amanda Kloer at Change.org, Norma Ramos at the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, and Melissa Farley at Prostitution Research and Education claim to be fighting for the rights of women by ending “sex trafficking,” they often betray their real purpose and agendas: lobbying for pro-censorship legislation such as changes to Section 230 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act that would turn back the clock on Internet innovation by more than a decade. At the same time, their religious and ideological crusades to prohibit even voluntary prostitution—sex work—actively endangers the lives of sex workers as well as 90 percent of victims of human trafficking crimes.
In this overview of the recent Craigslist “sex trafficking” scandals, maymay plainly describes how the mainstream media, evil advocacy groups, and criminally shortsighted attorneys general are scapegoating an industry disruptor and why demanding transparency from all of them—and especially the advocacy groups—would help people in need. (17:12-2010)

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