Podcast Interview with Scarlot Harlot and Jelena Vermilion (Plus Sex Workers Take Back The Night Excerpts)

Podcast: Sex Workers Take Back The Night 1990 by Scarlot Harlot & Jelena Vermilion (11 minute video- 2020)

Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot (https://nswp.org/…/carol-leigh-coin…) and Jelena Vermilion have collaborated to reproduce her #TakeBackTheNight film with the sex work excerpts from December 1990 San Francisco’s Take Back The Night March.

Check out Carol’s Videos:

and Jelena’s videos:

Film Description:
Scarlot Harlot attends San Francisco’s Take Back the Night (December 1990), a march in remembrance of the fourteen female college students murdered in the previous year’s Montreal Massacre.
Clashes and controversy emerge between sex-workers and anti-porn feminists about sex, violence and men- with an emphasis on the perspectives of strippers and sexual rights activists…an excellent feminist discussion piece. Features Lily Burana, author of “Strip City.” as well as Bobby Lily.
Original length film (28 minute video- 1991) Screened at W.O.W. Cafe (N.Y., N.Y.) VIDEO WITNESSES FESTIVAL OF NEW JOURNALISM (HALLWALLS, Buffalo, N.Y.), LOS ANGELES LESBIAN AND GAY FILM FESTIVAL

Streaming will be on SWAP Hamilton, SWAN Waterloo, and Maggie’s Toronto’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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