Prowling By Night by Gwendolyn


Prowling by Night was made with the participation of 21 sex workers, documents police harassment and HIV prevention efforts. The film was part of Five Feminist Minutes, made for the National Film Board of Canada to celebrate the 15th anniversary of studio D. This ground breaking work is based on candid descriptions of actual incidences of police abuse. (1990- 12 min)

Contact: National Film Board of Canada or contact the Sex Worker Festival for further screening information.

About Gwendolyn-
Artist, director, activist. Known primarily for her collaborative short Prowling by Night (1990, 12 min), this Toronto-based artist, performer, filmmaker, and activist was known simply as Gwendolyn. Her prolific work on behalf of sex workers in Toronto began in 1977 with the founding of BEAVER (Better End All Vicious Erotic Repression). She was a key player in the early advocacy group Canadian Organization for the Rights of Prostitutes (CORP) and a founding member of Maggie’s (Toronto Prostitutes’ Community Service Project, 1986) and SWAT (Sex Workers’ Alliance of Toronto, 1992). (from

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