Save Us From Saviours

Making the Film
‘In the age of the Internet, women in countries far away who used to be the objects of white people’s gaze with no right of reply now have access to the representations that are made of them, and the technological means to answer back.’

VAMP has lost patience with the films that are usually made about their lives. Members of the collective feature regularly on the news and in documentaries. But they rarely have control of the footage taken of them. Film makers have sometimes used their stories without consent, and footage has been used to attack and stigmatise them. VAMP have used the Sangli Talkies to create their own films and interviews for international audiences.

The Pathways of Women’s Empowerment programme’s Real World project was set up to engage UK film-makers with a different kind of visual story-telling – one that seeks to challenge the prejudices and assumptions of western viewers about women, power and change.VAMP’s experience was so different to the stereotypes in stories of trafficking and the representation of sex workers in India and other countries in the global South as abject victims, the idea of the film came about as a means to communicate their own perspectives on their lives and struggles. (2014-10 min.)
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Other Works

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