Sex Work: Decriminalisation, Policing and Fighting for a Better Future

Broad economic analysis frames this set of interviews set in Europe about the benefits of sex worker rights and decriminalization. (15:22-2015)

“Eleanor Penny talks to a range of sex workers and sex work advocates to discuss how different legal models affect workers and what other measures would be needed to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

National Ugly Mugs, represented in our report by Alex Bryce, is a campaign project to raise awareness in the sex work community around dangerous and violent clients. Find out more at:

Sex Worker Open University, represented here by Aisling Gallagher, is a group which primarily organises events, meetings and workshops helping to bring sex workers together and raise awareness of key issues.

Laura Watson is part of the English Collective of Prostitutes, a campaign group petitioning for a change in the laws around sex work. Find out more at: