Sex Worker Violence Prevention

“North Carolinians, 11 current and former sex workers and/or advocates, share their experience with the common goal of raising awareness about and reducing violence perpetrated against sex workers. Sex workers often do not report crimes committed against them because they do not want to incriminate themselves; criminalization of sex work protects the perpetrators. What types of violence do sex workers experience? What can sex workers do to avoid violence? What else can be done to make sex work safer? The North Carolina Bad Date Line, created by the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (,) allows sex workers to anonymously report crime against them to help each other stay safer.”

“The producer, interviewer, photographer, videographer and editor is Hadley Gustafson; additional interviews were performed by Tessie Castillo and Robert Childs. 2012.”

“RESOURCES: For more sex worker violence prevention tips, see For the North Carolina Bad Date Line, call (336) 543-8050, email, check the Twitter feed @ncbaddateline, or see the Facebook group, For the National Blacklist’s Raleigh page, see”

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