Straight for The Money (trailer)

Featuring: Alice B. Brave, China Blue, Dee M., Eleanor M., Fatima, Jessica, Kelly, & Rainbeau
Sexperts: Carol Queen, Joan Nestle, Scarlot Harlot, & Annie Sprinkle
Editor: Lara Mac

Presented from an insider point of view, this video is about the observations and experiences of eight lesbian and bisexual women who work as lap dancers, peep show dancers and prostitutes in San Francisco. Bold and articulate, these women discuss the impact of sex work on their personal lives, feminist politicas regarding the sex industry and the need for broader understanding of a greatly stereotyped and stigmatized occupation. They discuss how they negotiate their jobs, intimacy with lovers, and values. “Sexperts” Carol Queen, Annie Sprinkle, Scarlot Harlot, and Joan Nestle provide insight into the historical presence of queer sex workers.

This documentary has screened internationally in film festivals, universities, museums, and was in the 1994 Whitney Museum’s series “From India to America: New Directions in Indian-American Film & Video” and in the 1995 Whitney Biennial. (59 min.-1994) contact: himaphiliac AT gmail DOT com

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