Ecosexual Feast

“Ecosexiality can be loosely defined as an expression of sexuality inspired by nature, as a part of nature, or actually having sex with nature (natural products, toys, sunshine, water, ect.), a dating preference (ecosexuals only dating other ecosexuals), and or the belief that sex is natural and that all orientations and preferences are valid and part of the vast erotic landscape of the complex human being.”

This short trailer for a longer movie by Joe Kramer, Lola Clavo and Carol Leigh envisions loving delicious diakon, zucchini, and bananas as more of an erotic than a culinary endeavor! -Laure McElroy (2014- 18 min. trailer 2 min.)

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Other Works

Doin’ It For Themselves (the Hunt Sisters)
December 17th, Kırmızı Şemsiye, Turkey
Sex workers are the solution, not the problem

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