Equal Rights

(2012- 1 min 28 sec) The INDOORS project produced the video Equal Rights to advocate for sex workers’ rights.
This video was made with and for sex workers in order to make people aware that sex work is work and that sex workers should be entitled to the same rights as other workers.
The European project INDOORS, a partnership of nine European organizations, aims to support and empower all sex workers.
For further information and other INDOORS results and products, visit www.autresregards.org
Help us spread the word: SEX WORK IS WORK!
The video is available for free download in 17 languages

Lefoe | www.lefoe.at (Austria)
Health and Social Development Foundation | www.hesed.bg (Bulgaria)
Autres Regards | www.autresregards.org (France)
Pro-tukipiste | www.pro-tukipiste.fi (Finland)
Ragazza | www.ragazza-hamburg.de (Germany)
Comitato per I Diritti Civili delle Prostitute Onlus | www.lucciole.org (Italy)
APDES – AgĂȘncia Piaget para o Desenvolvimento | www.apdes.pt (Portugal)
Hetaira | www.colectivohetaira.org (Spain)
TAMPEP International Foundation | www.tampep.eu (The Netherlands)

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