Party Girl

An award winner at Cannes, this French “biopic hyperrealist” movie documents the life of a sixty year old bar hostess. “Sexagenarian, Angelique finally accepted the marriage proposal of a regular customer, in love with her ​​a long time. The marriage and its preparation provide this opportunity to gather her children, two boys and two daughters, that social services placed in a foster home ten years earlier. “There is pathos in the character of Angelica, but there is also the heroism dignity quest, happiness and future.” (Listed on Sex Worker’s Film Database-not yet screened at Sex Worker Fest)

with Angelica Litzenburger Joseph Bour, Mario Theis Angelique sixty.
August 27, 2014; Directed by: Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis; Distributor: Pyramide Distribution

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