Sex, Drugs and Student Loans (trailer)

by Meg Smaker

This documentary exposes just how much it really costs to enter the Ivy League gates. In the past decade, the cost of higher education has skyrocketed. The financial burden being placed on the new generation of scholars has forced students to make difficult decisions to pay the bills. Accrue enormous financial debt, don’t attend university, or enter the underground world of Sex, Drugs, and Student Loans. This documentary chronicles the lives of three female university students who have decided to enter the illicit world of drug dealing and prostitution in order to pay for their education.

Journey along with “Monroe”, “Escobara”, and “Magdalene” as they share their worlds with us. “Monroe”, a lesbian who is “straight for pay”, shares her life as a prostitute and student of economics at an Ivy League university. Breaking the stereotypes of sex workers and drug dealers, while shining a light on the finical burden being placed on this new generation of students, this documentary is full of provocative controversies and contradictions.
(15 min.- 2011)

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