Sex on Wheels

by Jennifer Worley
San Francisco is known for having a fierce sex worker movement, but not many people realize how integral the business of sex was and is to the history and shaping of the City. From a business-savvy expat French jade, to strippers who hold the picket line like Teamsters, meet revolutionary San Francisco whores past and present in this film of a great street theater (and cardio) event! Some featured personages: famous madame Ah Toy and her parlor of sing-song girls; former slave turned sex entrepreneur Mary Ellen Pleasant, the proceeds of whose house of ill-repute went to the Underground Railroad; Sally Stanford, whore, madame, and mayor of Sausalito; JP Marat, charismatic hustler and gay/trans youth activist; and the inimitable Valerie Solanis teaching on her “SCUM Manifesto.” -LM (2011, San Francisco-38:25 min.)

Screening info Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre:

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