We are all humans. We are all equal

from Legalife Ukraine, presented in conjunction with March 3, International Sex Worker Rights Day. (2016-3:45, Russia)

“On 3 March, the international day for the protection of the rights of sexual workers. March 3 is the International Day of protection of sex workers’ rights.

Happy holiday all of us!!!
Ube “Legalayf-Ukraine” represents the movie: we’re all people. We’re all equal.

With a holiday us all !!!
UCO “Legalife-Ukraine” represents video: We are all people.We are all equal.

The history of the holiday begins for another 2001 years, when more than 25 000 employees of the commercial sexual gathered at the festival of sexual workers in India.

The Organizer of this event was made by the durbar mahila samanwaya committee samanvaya. The organization has a headquarters and Calcutta, represents the interests of the more than 50 000 sexual workers and their immediate environment.
Sexual workers all over the world, we banded together to challenge the existing policy of violence and abuses of human rights and to announce that these people deserve the same respect and protection as the representatives of the other professions.
Since that time, the action teams sleeping – workers note every year this day, March 3, as the international day for the protection of their rights.
Fifteen years later, decriminalization, open access to medical, social and legal services and the improvement of working conditions remain the main objectives for the movement of sexual workers for their rights.
At the local and international level, sexual workers, their friends and family are collected in this day together, in order to increase the awareness of people with the help of the marches red umbrellas and carry out other events and activities.”

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