Power of the collective

This fascinating and uplifting short introduces us to the activists of VAMP, a sex worker collective located in Sangli, in the Maharashtra region of India. In spite of societal stigma and negative stereotypes, the sex workers of VAMP have become better mothers, more active and productive citizens, and strong forces for the rights of all women (not only sex workers) in their community once they learned to respect themselves and their work. Narrated by the son of one of the activists. –Laure McElroy
(2:14 min.Dir. Katrina Mansoor, Sangali India 2012)

VAMP is a sex-worker collective (supported by the non-governmental organisation SANGRAM) located in Sangli in the region of Maharashtra, India. It was established in 1996 and is managed and led by sex workers. VAMP began as an HIV prevention project, distributing condoms and educating people in their community about safe sex. They are supported by the non-governmental organisation SANGRAM, who help with back-office work like writing proposals, etc.

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